An open letter to the RCB fans

Dear RCB fans,

We all know that it has been a long long wait for you. And the internet hasn’t been kind to you either. Almost ahead of every year, there was this belief that finally this year will be RCB’s year. I am not here to preach ‘Ee sala cup namde’. Because at the end of the day, I am no astrologer. I am no clairvoyant. I am just another fan.

I am just going to say that I have not seen a fanbase as strong as you. I have nit seen a fanbase as resolute as you. I have not seen a fanbase as vociferous as you. I have not seen someone as loyal as you. You probably are the true embodiment of what a fan is. Year after year of desperation and you still stand tall.


There is this thing about being fans. We do not get heard if isolated and yet we protect our loved ones very dearly. We do not get any VIP treatment but we still battle for them who are duking it out in the center. We would not get recognized at the end of the day but we would still scream at anyone including our closest people just because they make fun of our team.

You guys have been fiercely guarding your citadel, Chinnaswamy and after three staggering years, you will see your teams play in there. What can be a better surprise than that for you? Absolutely nothing. It feels like coming home for you. What you did at the RCB Unbox, I am sure, very few other teams could have come close to the spectacle.

I believe if not for them, RCB must win a trophy for you now. RCB must accept that they have been making their fans wait for a long time and they can wait no longer. The love that you have shown the franchise will never be paralleled. Through thick and thin, through highs and lows, through troughs and crests, you have been the face of trust and belief.


Be the fierce gatekeepers of love for your franchise, 12th Man Army. You are there for a reason and you will always be there no matter who plays or who don’t. Virat Kohli is your face today, it will be someone else tomorrow. But you will be there forever. For its you that is the heart of the club and not what others think it is. Let’s scream together, “Ee sala cup namde.”

Yours sincerely,

A crazy cricket fan


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