Amid Breakup Rumors, Raquel Rodriguez Talks About Boyfriend Braun Strowman

Last month, rumors surfaced online claiming that WWE Superstar Raquel Rodriguez has broken up with her boyfriend Braun Strowman. They unfollowed each other and also deleted photos with each other on Instagram.

Also, shortly after news of their breakup broke out, Braun Strowman was spotted with another female star. However, it looks like all the rumors are not correct. In a recent chat with The Daily Mail, Raquel Rodriguez opened up on how her boyfriend dealt with the death of Bray Wyatt.

Much to the shock of the pro wrestling community, Wyatt passed away aged 36 on August 24. Braun Strowman worked with Wyatt during their time together in The Wyatt Family. They also worked in a feud for the WWE Universal Championship in 2020. In fact, Braun was the last Superstar whom Wyatt defeated to become a champion in WWE.


“Of course it is difficult for Braun. He’s really kept a strong face for the locker room and for a lot of people out there. But Bray was his mentor. It’s who he started out with – he was his wrestling brother,” Raquel said. 

“He’s had a tough one, but I’m very proud of him and the way he’s been handling it. He’s been very strong mentally and physically, he’s been keeping a good head on his shoulders. A lot of us have been trying to stay strong for his family,” she concluded. 


Rumors of Raquel Rodriguez breaking up with her boyfriend are not correct

As evident from the above words, Raquel is still in a relationship with Braun Strowman. She has been helping him cope up with the loss of a close friend. Strowman was on SmackDown last week on the tribute episode for Bray Wyatt.

Strowman is injured right now and is expected to be out of action for a while. Rodriguez is gearing up for her World Women’s Championship match against Rhea Ripley at Payback.



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