Alexa Bliss Reacts To Ex-Boyfriend Buddy Matthews’ Engagement With Rhea Ripley

August 9 was a special day for ex-lovers Alexa Bliss and Buddy Matthews. While it was the birthday of Bliss, Matthews decided to propose to his current girlfriend, Rhea Ripley on his ex-girlfriend’s birthday.

Bliss and Matthews were in a relationship when the latter worked for WWE. The two Superstars split and called off their engagement as well. After that, Bliss got married to Ryan Cabrera, while Matthews got into a relationship with the reigning Women’s World Champion, Rhea Ripley.

After months of dating, Rhea and Matthews got engaged as the Women’s World Champion said ‘Yes’ to the former WWE Cruiserweight Champion. Rhea posted a picture with a ring on her finger. Reacting to the picture, Alexa Bliss wrote on Instagram: “Congrats!”


Why did Alexa Bliss break up with Buddy Matthews?

Bliss and Matthews were one of the top WWE couples during the late 2010s. They even worked together on NXT and planned to get married one day. However, due to their hectic WWE schedule, they could not see each other so much. During an interview, Bliss spilled the beans on her breakup and said:

“We were like ‘okay, so we’re going to set this date and then I ended up being moved to SmackDown, which was amazing. And so we’re like ‘All right, we’ll push it to this date’ and then with our traveling weeks to see each other seven days a week and work together six days a week, because I was partnered with Blake and Murphy, and now we see each other maybe six hours a week.”

Bliss and Matthews decided to part ways soon. They continued to share pets even after breakup. Bliss has even admitted on social media that the former WWE Cruiserweight Champion is good friends with him. Her comment on Rhea Ripley’s Instagram post further highlights their friendship.



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