AEW fires another star name; dissent grows in the locker room

It seems that the firing spree is on for AEW as another big name in the company faced the wrath of Tony Khan. And this time it is not a wrestler who was actively involved in the in-ring duties but Kevin Sullivan , vice-president of post production.

The news came out from Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer stating that Sullivan was allowed to go by AEW through another big name of the company, Mike Mansury who is the senior vice-president and co-executive producer of the company.

Sullivan has been with the company since day one and has played a pivotal role ever since its inception. Meltzer wrote that Sullivan was being thought about in a pretty high manner in AEW as he joined from Impact Wrestling.


However, before he joined AEW, Sullivan has spent 14 years with Impact Wrestling. Apparently he pit the entire production team of the company in place and it happened so fast that even the fans or the analysts of wrestling are unable to figure out what exactly went wrong. Not even an iota of news has come out.

Here is what was said about AEW star, Kevin Sullivan

But then once a big name departs from a big company, particularly AEW, a company that is already losing on so many talents and apparently there is noise of dissent in the ring and in the locker room where their lead wrestler is hitting the ring with an injury, they are working on thin ice.

To deploy damage control, AEW’s in-ring announcer, David Penzer tweeted, “Just a point of clarity. Kevin is VP of POST Production which means he runs the studio in Nashville that edits Rampage, does packages for TV/PPV’s, promo ad’s etc. Those who think their live production is lacking, this move wouldn’t change anything in that regard. FYI…”


Well, time shall tell how true is that statement and also does WWE go knocking on the doors to exploit AEW and send them into further disarray.

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