Ricochet and Drew McIntyre may be in for multi-million dollar cheques; here’s why

Ricochet has been doing a sensational job and the way he Has been throwing his body around, showing around himself why he is one of the best to hit the ring, there can be possible good news for him as he may be staring at a flurry of big money deals. So what exactly is happening? Well, the answer is simple.

TKO group holdings took over the merger of UFC and WWE and ever since then some money is going to be splurged in near future. More money results in one particular thing and that is some of the superstars getting mighty rich which if rumours are to be believed may also be gracing Ricochet’s future.

A few WWE superstars whose contracts are about to run out in 2024 will possibly be drawing new deals which will be coming from TKO Holdings. The moment the merger comes into the frame, there is going to be ample money for the superstars and there is no going back from there. A few names that are already doing the rounds for the upcoming mega deals are that of Drew McIntyre, Becky Lynch and obviously Ricochet.


Here is why Drew McIntyre and Ricochet may be in for a jackpot

As WWE looks at possible deals that can draw even bigger superstars to them, Ricochet and McIntyre may already be reconsidering the deals and knowing their popularity, this can be a win-win situation for both sides. If WWE extends their contract, not only is it going to be beneficial for WWE but even the fans love to see these stars coming in.

More importantly, McIntyre, has been a tremendous presence all over the WWE universe and so has been Ricochet. Both are slightly different breed of fighters. McIntyre fights in a much more physical way while Ricochet battles it out in an agile high-flying way. Let’s just hope that we get to savour the best of both worlds.


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