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Aakash Chopra suggests 5 changes in the IPL from next season

Aakash Chopra thinks changes have to be made considering two new teams will be added

Cricket analyst Aakash Chopra thinks there are some changes to be made in the current format of the IPL, given how things have unfolded in the last few IPLs and also the fact that two new teams have to be added ahead of the next season of the IPL.

Here are the changes that Aakash Chopra wants to be made in the IPL –

1) Bonus points for big wins

Currently, if the two teams are tied in terms of the no. of points, their positions are decided on the basis of Net Run Rate, which Aakash Chopra thinks is a complicated thing. In Chopra’s opinion, rather than the net run rate, awarding the teams an extra point for big wins will be a better idea.


2) Allow 5 overseas players in the playing XI

Right now, only 4 overseas players are allowed in the playing XI of each team, but there are only 8 teams. So, 56 domestic and international Indian players are required, which isn’t a problem.

But, if there are 10 teams and only 4 overseas players are required in the XI, then 70 domestic and international Indian cricketers will be required and finding so many quality cricketers in the domestic circuit of India at once might be a tough task.

So, Chopra wants 5 overseas players to be allowed in the playing XI of each team from the next IPL season.


3) Umpires to be held accountable for mistakes

Aakash Chopra is not happy with the standard of umpiring in IPL at all, as he thinks the umpires are making too many mistakes. According to Chopra, the umpires should be asked to raise their standard and if they don’t do that, they should be held accountable and should be removed from the panel.

4) Franchises to give updates on injuries

Aakash Chopra wants franchises to be a bit more clear in terms of the status of the injuries of their key players because the fans want to know if a player, who might have had a niggle in the previous game, would be fit enough to play the next game or not. Fans have all the rights to get those updates and franchises should provide that.

5) Captains to be penalised for slow over rate

Aakash Chopra doesn’t want the captains to be fined for slow over rate, he wants them to be penalised in a different way. Aakash thinks if the fine is imposed on a captain, the franchisee pays the fine, and it doesn’t affect the captain.


What might affect the captain is if he is asked to keep an extra fielder in the circle once he fails to complete the 20 overs in the given time.

Aakash wants all teams to be given 90 minutes to complete 20 overs, barring the time for the lost ball and injury breaks etc., and if the overs aren’t completed in the given time, one extra fielder should be made mandatory in the circle.



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