5 WWE Women Who Can Defeat Nia Jax Clean

Nia Jax has been the new face of terror in the women’s division and there has been no stopping her since her arrival in WWE Locker room. She has called the shots with weapon-grade prejudice and has been destroying all other forces in the industry.

She made her footfall in the industry by hammering away two of the most dominant forces in the women’s division, Raquel Rodriguez and Rhea Ripley. Now obviously the question remains who gets to take on Nia Jax. The list can be endless but at the moment we will see at five wrestlers who can do that.

#1 Zoey Stark

The fact that Zoey Stark has already came out confronting the most dominating force of the industry even though nothing was concrete. It is expected that the two will be amping up the stakes and will be finally be going head to head against each other.


#2 Rhea Ripley


You don’t simply squash Mami and walk out scot-free. Well, that is needless to say but Rhea will obviously be plotting her revenge and when she does, all hell will be breaking loose in the WWE ring. Nia Jax or not but Rhea Ripley doesn’t leave affairs open.

#3 Raquel Rodriguez

Talk about vengeance and Raquel was the first one to be dominated by Nia Jax that cost her a championship opportunity against Rhea. With all said and done, we all know better than costing Raquel a championship opportunity. She is going to make the perpetrator pay and Nia Jax still remains untouched.

#4 Shayna Baszler

Ever since Ronda left, Shayna hasn’t really picked up a fight with someone of her stature and her stature. With Nia Jax in the mix, Shayna may come knocking on the doors of the dominator and this will be one intriguing battle to witness. It is going to brute power versus some insane wrestling flair.


#5 The Entire Locker Room vs Nia Jax

Well, this is a rarity that we have seen the women’s locker room come together against a single opponent and given Nia’s greatness in terms of her wrestling prowess, this can very well be a possibility. The entire locker room may unit and take on Nia.

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