Liv Morgan had a very special message for Raquel Rodriguez

It was a Rollercoaster PPV at the WWE Payback as there were a handful of brilliant match-ups, surprising the audience as the build-up to the PPV was pretty much on the lo​wer side. Out of all the good matches, Raquel Rodriguez had one against the WWE Women’s champion, Rhea Ripley.

Well, when two former friends wage war, the universe probably doesn’t love a story more than that. Two former buddies turned foes as they came face to face at the Payback PPV. After a swashbuckling battle between the two, it was eventually Rhea Ripley who won the battle, but Raquel fought with her heart out despite interferences from Dominik Mysterio.

Celebrating her fight against Rhea Ripley, Liv Morgan who was Raquel Rodriguez’s former tag-team partner, sent a screaming message that spanned for a couple of words which left the entire world reeling.



It was finally Dominik Mysterio’s entrance in the dying embers of the game that allowed a window of opportunity for the Eradicator to steal another series and keep the title around her waist.

What message did Liv Morgan send to Raquel Rodriguez?

As Liv Morgan is nursing an injury that has sent her to the sideline, Raquel ensured that she is paying her due tribute to her former partner with her name shining on the wrist band. In a wholesome gesture that was done by Raquel, Liv also ensured that she is handing over the best tribute to Raquel for her incredible showdown.

Morgan took to Instagram and wrote “My Girl”, simply handing over a brilliant homage to Raquel for her incredible gesture. It is still unclear that when would Liv be coming back but expect Raquel to raise hell when the two meet again, particularly when Rhea takes the yard again. The reason being the belt remains dangling in the balance and Raquel will come knocking for it.


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