5 storylines for Randy Orton if he returns to WWE in 2023

Randy Orton is probably one of the best heels ever in modern day wrestling

It has been ages since the WWE has seen the last of Randy Orton and there are no news about the return of the big man, the Viper. Maybe, this time he is gone for the good or probably there can be a return around the corner in the most surprising fashion. However, the question is, if he returns then what follows suit and how does WWE plan to use him.

One thing is for sure that when Randy Orton returns it has to be a string of big names that can match the aura of the Viper and not all the names in the industry are equipped to take Randy Orton face first. Here is a list of five possible storylines that Randy Orton may have if he chooses to return to WWE.

#1 Randy Orton returns to face Roman Reigns and a battle without any belt on the line follows

If things tend to go forward at that exact pace that it is going now in the industry and if the vehicle of Roman Reigns’ advance hurtles off the cliff with the WWE universe already making their presence felt, Reigns may lose his championships sooner than you expect. That makes him a favourite to see him go up against one of the most iconic wrestlers of all time, Randy Orton.


#2 Randy Orton forms a faction of his own to face Judgement Day

The Judgement Day has been absolutely unstoppable and Rhea Ripley is their chief architect. Now for a character arc like that of Ripley’s to match, you would need someone equally evil who would only care about the wrestling and no other moral ethics. This is exactly where Orton comes into the frame. Steaming in hot he forms a faction of his own and takes on the Judgement Day.

#3 Randy Orton returns to challenge Brock Lesnar at the WWE NOC

This probably may be sooner than you would expect but the last time these two met, it was a bloodbath in the ring and this is why the Viper may love to have his hand around the Beast Incarnate’s throat again. When he returns the fact that he would need someone massive to equal his stature makes Brock his perfect opponent.

#4 Orton returns under the chaperonage of Triple H and is being handed over the reins of a brand as a general manager

Another important character in the arcade of WWE is that of the General Manager and this arc needs a mix of everything. May it be good or may it be bad, may it be heroic or may it be villainous, Randy Orton has it all. The fact that Triple H may actually try and get him in power can tell you a thousand stories and the brand would have incredible matches and also a bit of cold shoulder literally from Randy Orton.


#5 Randy Orton comes out to form a new DX

The DX Generation has been one of the most talked about stables in wrestling history and with the number of stables in place in modern day wrestling, the Viper wouldn’t mind to form one of his own. Particularly with villainous stables in place, Orton would love to play the messiah, just the one that you need to give that boost to the modern day wrestling platform.

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