“The Rotation Is What Makes It look So Devastating”, Former WWE Hardcore Champion Reveals What It Takes To Withstand A F5 From Brock Lesnar

You would never hear someone getting F5’d by Brock Lesnar and reminiscing the moment as one of his most influential moments about his wrestling career. But then getting to work with the 6’4 Beast Incarnate is an honour in itself.

It is the iconic finishing move that established Brock Lesnar as a formidable force in the industry and it is the same move that saw him ending the streak for Undertaker in WrestleMania.

Speaking on his YouTube channel, former WWE Hardcore Champion Maven opened up on how being F5’d by Lesnar remained as one of the most iconic moments in his wrestling career. Not only did he sing paeans for Brock’s finishing move but he also underscored how good the UFC star has been in the squared circle.


Here is what Maven Huffman had to say about Brock Lesnar

Huffman said, “Here would be my iconic moment, a moment that people still bring up to me. I, happily, would be the first person to ever take his legendary move, the F’5. That would be the only F’5 I would take in my career. Easy move to take. It was basically a face bump. Brock [Lesnar] does all the work. The rotation is what makes it look so devastating.”

Lesnar has been a dominant force in the industry but off late, things haven’t been as glorious as he would have wanted it to be. Ever since that lawsuit was filed where he was also named to be a part of the sexual coercion that alleged Vince McMahon to be a predator, he has not been in action since then.

It was in SummerSlam 2023, since he made his last appearance for the industry. However, rumours state that WWE is lining up for the Beast Incarnate to return soon enough. Whenever that would be, with the current run of affairs under Hunter, Lesnar may be in for another dream run.


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