5 Secrets About WWE Superstar Liv Morgan Only 1 Out Of 100 Fans Know

The current WWE SmackDown Women’s Champion Liv Morgan (also known by her real name Gionna Daddio) is having the best run of her career in the WWE, achieving her life-long goal of becoming a top champion back at WWE Money in the Bank cashing in the golden opportunity successfully.

She is well on her way to establishing herself as a legitimate top star of the company’s women’s division. Not only did she overcome the odds to win the title, but The Miracle Kid is also proving herself to be a fighting champion, defeating the likes of Ronda Rousey and Shayna Baszler to keep her title safe.

But behind every successful run, there is a background and there are plenty of lesser-known facts about WWE Superstars in their life before and after they tasted the bright lights of fame and success. Here are 5 lesser-known facts about the underdog champion Liv Morgan:


1. The Youngest Kid

Liv Morgan is today known as The Miracle Kid for her never give up attitude that led her to the dreamland of the WWE, but Morgan is the youngest in her big and extended family.

Morgan is the youngest of six children having an older sister and four older brothers, but that didn’t mean that Gionna would pull her punches and not be protected for being the little girl of the family. The Daddio kids were known to play together and wrestle each other in their own house (coming up next).

2. Backyard Wrestling

As mentioned above, Liv Morgan and her siblings used to wrestle each other. In fact, they had started their own backyard wrestling when they were younger and many of the kids of their school would gather to enjoy this public display of wrestling every now and then.


The fighting norm of the Daddio family was the early foundation for Liv’s passion for wrestling which she never let go of and made her dream come true of becoming a WWE Superstar.

3. Other Ventures

Before she transitioned into Liv Morgan, the Superstar we know today, a young Gionna Daddio was shouting her lungs out in excitement as a cheerleader seeing it as a way to stay fit and remain active, something that became a lifestyle choice for Morgan.

Liv could very well rock uniforms and outfits thanks to the experience she gained during her cheerleading days. She even worked at Hooters and modeled for them for a while not before landing her dream job in the WWE.


4. Entrance Fear

From the early get-go, Liv Morgan knew that being a WWE Superstar was not only about throwing punches, headlocks and leg drops, but a larger-than-life character with various aspects building that personality in front of the WWE Universe.

One of those traits included the way a Superstar would make an entrance towards the squared circle and Morgan admitted in an interview that she had fright of entrances that would keep her up all night rather than a common fear of performing in front of a live audience. This came as a source of anxiety for her during her early beginnings but looks to be overcome today with her progressive growth in the company.

5. Ya Liv only for Heroes


Liv Morgan idolized the face that runs the place John Cena, admitting having a childhood crush on the Cenation Leader growing up.

However, it was the Extreme Superstar Lita who surpassed Liv’s admiration for Cena, with the Miracle Kid considering a huge influence in her career for Lita’s highflying style, ability to fight anyone, her tomboy dressing and attitude which helped shaped a future Women’s champion in Liv herself.


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