From picking up photography at the tender age of 13 to managing the finest heels in industry – Paul Heyman is a worthy Hall of Famer

As per the latest announcement, Paul Heyman will be introduced to the WWE Hall of Fame. The internet has been divided ever since this decision has been announced. However, the point is why the split opinion?

For the fans who don’t know which wrestler goes by the name of Paul Heyman, he is one of the finest managers in entertainment wrestling who is often being named in the same league as that of the late Paul Bearer.

Not everyone can boast of as illustrious of a clientelle as Heyman. From the Beast Incarnate to Roman Reigns, from the Big Show to Kurt Angle, from Rob Van Dam to CM Punk and it is just a glimpse of what he brings to the table.



A man gifted with the mic, a man gifted with the ability possibly counter the greatest in wrestling industry which includes the Rock and CM Punk, he certainly comes with a skillset that very few people can match.

Heyman isn’t just a mic-man but in case if people didn’t know, Paul was the creative force behind the Extreme Championship Wrestling or what is more brutally and popularly known as ECW. He also played a manager under the ring name of Paul E Dangerously.

Now Heyman was inspired by Vince McMahon’s interview of Billy Graham and he knew that his calling lied in the arena of entertainment wrestling. He started off as a photographer at the tender age of 13 and started publishing his own columns panning from the Wrestling Times Magazine and was also a third party writer for Pro Wrestling Illustrated.



Now one may ask what was his pedigree in managing heels of the company. Never an easy task you see. Guess what, he gets the degree from none other than three icons of the sport, Lou Albano, Fred Blassie and the Grant Wizard.

He was hired as a photographer by Studio 54 but then he would quickly transcend himself to the role of a producer and finally on the urging of Bam Bam Biglebow he decided to make his on-screen debut as a manager.

That was just the beginning of whom you call the wiseman of Roman Reigns today. If you still doubt Heyman, maybe you should see a few promos of his and think if words were swords, he would have a trail of a dead planet in his wake.


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