5 reasons why WWE must not sign CM Punk again

CM Punk has always been a superstar of charisma and every time the WWE Universe has heard about him, they have lowkey wanted him to return. There are two reasons for the same. First is his crazy mic skills, second is obviously his wrestling flair. However, the era that we are talking about is long gone.


Now the WWE fans have moved on from those heydays of CM Punk and ideally do not believe in the charisma that Phil Brooks once created. Here are five reasons why CM Punk should not be hired by WWE again.

#1 Punk has attitude issues

It is understandable that every wrestler has his own say in the world of kayfabe. But expecting all of it to be heard without a middle ground, it will never make any sense.


Particularly in the world of wrestling where entertainment prevails, one needs to play by the storyline at times and unless that is happening, there is no point hiring someone.

#2 He is way past his heydays

CM Punk is way past his heydays where he would put juggernauts of the sport to sleep without breaking a sweat. He is now in his wrestling midlife where the same gimmick that got him to the fore is acting as his downfall. Now if he tries to talk his way out of it, it will be labelled as arrogance.


#3 He has issues with his opponents

We recently saw how Shinsuke Nakamura returned after a hiatus and was willing to be put down by Seth Rollins for the sake of the storyline.

When you get to fight in kayfabe at times you have to bow down to your opposition and you need to work the storyline. Punk doesn’t oblige with that. He makes it an issue about whom he should wrestle with.


#4 Has an issue with authority

Obviously the same Vince McMahon led authority that is now headed by Triple H will somewhat fall short of Punk’s expectations. As a result he will be cross with the stars in place that included Hunter. With so much of difference and contrast, it is going to be everything but okay for Punk to be brought to business.

#5 If he has to start as a mid card wrestler, Punk won’t accept that

Ideally a return of a superstar is a mid card return and then he comes back to the big leagues. Sadly, Punk doesn’t subscribe to the same school of thought and in the process may again end up quitting WWE which makes no sense at all. With so much being said, these are ample reasons for Punk not to be rehired.


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