5 Reasons Why Brock Lesnar Is The Greatest WWE Superstar

Brock Lesnar is the walking talking Beast Incarnate who commands respect in and out of the ring with all his pro, amateur wrestling and MMA accolades. This is a man beast that needs no introduction and has been synonymous with WWE and WWE titles since his debut.

Absolutely nobody has the kind of ring presence this beast resonates and here are 5 good reasons why Brock Lesnar is the greatest superstar in WWE:

1. No WWE Superstar has a physique like Brock Lesnar

While there are many superstars who have held titles and are technically sound, even have great physiques, but none compare to Brock Lesnar’s tank like body. He was a sight to behold when he arrived in WWE as the Next Big Thing when he had heavy muscles over muscles while still having visible abs and moved around like a cruiserweight to boast.


People can argue that he was in his early twenties then but even now on the wrong side of 40s, he is jacked like a bodybuilder. The naysayers who accuse him of steroid use, can take a look at his amateur wrestling matches from school and college where he was an extraordinarily muscular kid and in the UFC, where fighters are heavily tested for steroid use, he was still a gorilla. In his own words, he is “Just a Jacked up Country boy!”

2. MMA Success


Lesnar is the only WWE Superstar in history to have won the coveted gold standard of MMA, the UFC Heavyweight championship title. UFC is the WWE of MMA and to have dominated both promotions is a feat that probably nobody will replicate any time soon.

His collegiate amateur wrestling background, size and strength all combined into getting the NCCA Division 1 champion to quickly rise to the top of the UFC without any prior combat sports experience. With his legit fighting background, he brings a much needed legitimacy to WWE that no other superstar can and that makes him special.

3. Brock Lesnar has been the Spotlight in WWE

Like him or not, Brock Lesnar brings a spotlight to WWE that nobody else can. Him being a part timer actually works in favour of WWE as he is looked forward to like a rare attraction. A Haley’s comet that everybody waits to have a glimpse of.


Media writes about him and WWE when he arrives after months of absence and whenever he is on TV, ratings soar through the roof. He helps bring in new fans from UFC who would watch a WWE event just to watch their former heavyweight champ. That’s something even John Cena and Undertaker were never able to do.

4. Brock Lesnar has defeated a host of WWE Legends

The list of legends that have fallen in front of Lesnar is as long as it’s impressive. Hulk Hogan, the Undertaker, The Rock, John Cena and a slew of current Big names have all bitten the dust courtesy of the Beast Incarnate.

He has not just survived them but dominated them when others think it’s a privilege just to be in the same ring as them. He even broke Taker’s undefeated Wrestlemania streak and still being active, although part time, he still has a shot at adding to his already impressive list with an F5.


5. WWE has always needed him


Lesnar is the most marketable star that WWE has seen in over a decade. His merchandise sells like hot cakes just like the pay per views he’s in. He is advertised as a once in a lifetime athlete and rightly so. His part time status is actually his choice. Not to mention, he appears right away in the title picture when he returns and squashing top tier talent like flies.

He is able to talk down and act mighty with Vince McMahon himself and still get paid in millions for barely being there. All this shows, WWE Needs Him and ot the other way around. Let’s hope he carries on now even after Vince has left because the WWE landscape won’t be the same without the Beast Incarnate.


Akashdip Singh

WWE Fan by birth, Content writer by choice

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