5 Iconic Secrets Of WWE Which Tricked The Fans

In what was part one of WWE’s iconic frames being revealed and decoded, here is the part two of the scenes that broke the internet and also sent ripples down the WWE Universe for the ages to come. When we say entertainment wrestling, there is a lot of entertainment that usually precedes the wrestling part and when we see those crazy stunts being pulled off, well, there is a lot that goes behind the scenes.


We pulled off a few scenes from the last video where a few famous shots from WWE over the years were decoded and here is going to be another story that will decode a few more moves that went sent the fans roaring on their feet.

#1 Big Show being sledgehammered on the back of his head

Well, they say if you get hit behind your head, that is so serious that it may even leave you in a vegetative state for the rest of your life. Big Show was hit with a sledgehammer to the back of his head and all that went down was Big Show sliding down the sand pile. H


owever, it was later revealed that the hammer was made of rubber. The wood was real but the hammer bit, well that was like a latex ball hammering you.

#2 Kane’s hand in the first inferno match in the history of WWE never really burnt

Well, in an inferno match you need to put your opposition through the fire to win it and Kane and Undertaker were the first ones to battle it out. Kane’s hand caught fire when Undertaker eventually managed to put him through the fire on the edge of the ring.

However, first things first, they usually put a cooling gel before these wrestlers come out. Then before the moment arrives, there is a production crew hidden under the ring who would apply a cooling gel to the part that should usually be catching fire so that there is no harm. Once the camera is off the wrestler, the fire is instantly extinguished.


#3 John Cena never got squashed by Batista

The leader of Cenation was confronting Batista in an ‘I Quit’ match and there Batista almost run him over rather cornered him with the back of his car.

But then in a very close camera angle it was shown that Cena escaped from the back and making an error, he actually crawled from behind the box to attack John Cena which kind gave it all away.

#4 The barricades aren’t exactly Barracudas

We have often seen that wrestlers ram through the barricades as if they are houses of cards. But then what is the trick there?


Well, firstly they are well cushioned, secondly they are already marked through sections where the fall should be and thirdly the fans are kept away from the barricades. So it all adds up in a perfect landing.

#5 Hell in a cell match-up

Whenever there is a hell in a cell match-up you would often see how wrestlers ram through the cage but how strong are they that they easily shatter the doors or certain parts of the steel structure.

Well, there is one particular section of the cage that is kept loose and will not be hit unless its time for the stunt. So with very minimum impact, you can still have the maximum result.


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