5 current and former AEW Superstars who should join WWE after Jade Cargill

The professional wrestling world was buzzing with excitement and anticipation as AEW’s Jade Cargill recently made the move to WWE. This high-profile transfer has raised questions about which other AEW superstars could follow suit.

As All Elite Wrestling gained prominence, many WWE superstars moved to AEW. Despite having a star-studded roster, Tony Khan is facing challenges in advancing his company. With WWE now providing more opportunities in comparison, the trend has possibly shifted as we saw Cody Rhodes and now Jade Cargill joining WWE.

In this article, we will discuss 5 current or former AEW superstars who should join WWE after Jade Cargill.


1. Chris Jericho

Chris Jericho has left WWE multiple times, often to explore other ventures such as music or to pursue opportunities in other wrestling promotion. Jericho joined AEW at its inception in 2019, attracted by the challenge of building something new.

The doors are not closed for Chris Jericho as he still shares a healthy relationship with Vince McMahon and the company. Being in his last phase of career, Chris Jericho should look to make WWE return and celebrate his legacy with the company where he became a wrestling icon.

2. Daniel Bryan

Daniel Bryan’s departure from WWE in 2021 was largely a personal decision to explore opportunities outside the company. After a storied career in WWE, Bryan signed with AEW to challenge himself and compete in different wrestling environment.


Daniel Bryan seems to be deviating from his goals at AEW and also risking his health in less significant matches. He should move to WWE and reignite the “Yes” moment and bring back the electrifying atmosphere he used to create in arenas.

3. MJF can follow Jade Cargill to WWE

MJF is currently a hot commodity in wrestling world. His mic skills and charisma set him apart from all the top superstars in this business.

MJF has publicly stated on several occasions that he intends to join WWE once his existing contract with AEW concludes. Given the lucrative offer anticipated from WWE, it’s likely that MJF will be inclined to finalize the agreement with WWE.


4. Jon Moxley

Formerly known as Dean Ambrose in WWE, Jon Moxley left the company in 2019, seeking for creative freedom and to get rid of scripted WWE promos. AEW offered him the platform to unleash his unfiltered charisma and in-ring style and hence AEW became his new home.

With change in WWE’s management and Triple H in charge, Moxley could now find a more favorable environment in WWE. If WWE were to offer him creative control similar to what he enjoys in AEW, a return might be on the cards.

5. Adam Cole can follow Jade Cargill to WWE

Adam Cole’s departure from WWE in 2021 left many fans surprised. The talented wrestler achieved huge success in NXT but chose not to renew his contract. Speculation suggests that creative differences with the management, regarding his portrayal on the main roster played a role in his decision.


Triple H recognized Cole as a top-tier superstar, but circumstances led to his departure. Now, with Triple H’s continued influence in WWE management, the situation has changed, where Adam Cole has opportunity to achieve greater heights under the guidance of his former guru.

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