5 CSK players who got out for a diamond duck in IPL

A diamond duck is one of the rarest dismissals in Cricket. But despite being so rare, five Chennai Super Kings players have fallen victim to it in the history of IPL. Seems interesting? Well then, let’s feed your curiosity by telling you who these players are and how and when they fell prey to this extremely rare form of dismissal in IPL. So, let’s talk about five CSK players who got out for a diamond duck in IPL.

Before we get started, let me explain what a diamond duck is to our readers who have never heard of it. Don’t get embarrassed if you didn’t know about it already. As I said, it is extremely rare. So, a batter is said to have gotten out for a diamond duck if he or she gets run-out without facing a ball or gets stumped on a wide ball without facing a fair delivery. Now without wasting any more of your precious time, let’s tell you about those five CSK players who got out for a diamond duck in IPL:

#1 Lakshmipathy Balaji v DD, 2009:

Lakshmipathy Balaji was the first player for Chennai Super Kings to get out for a diamond duck. He got run-out without facing a ball on the third last ball of the 2nd innings in the 9th match between Super Kings and Delhi Daredevils back in 2009. Batting first DD set a target of 190 for CSK to chase. While chasing this total, CSK got to a situation where they needed 15 off the last over. 


After taking two doubles off the first two deliveries, Joginder Sharma got run-out at the non-striker end, and Balaji walked in to replace him. With 11 still to get from three balls, Albie Morkel failed to hit a boundary off the third last ball. Reacting to this, Balaji, who was at the non-striker’s end, ran blindly for a single. Albie refused to run, but Balaji kept running, which ultimately led to Balaji getting run-out for a diamond duck at the non-striker’s end.

#2 Sudeep Tyagi v RCB, 2009:

Sudeep Tyagi became the second Chennai Super Kings player to get out for a diamond duck in 2009 after Balaji. Tyagi also got run-out without facing a ball on the third last ball of the 1st innings of the 44th match between Royal Challengers Bangalore and Chennai Super King in IPL 2009. 

Sudeep Tyagi walked in to replace Muttiah Muralitharan after he got run-out at the non-striker’s end. So, Shadab Jakati ended up taking the strike on the third last ball with CSK’s scoreboard tally of 128/9. Jakati drove the next delivery to long-on and attempted for a double. But the long-on fielder was quick enough to throw the ball back to Praveen Kumar at the non-striker’s end to prevent it. Kumar broke the stumps to wrap CSK’s innings and send Sudeep Tyagi back for a diamond duck.


#3 Murali Vijay v DD, 2012:

Murali Vijay not only got out for a diamond duck, but he also registered a titanium duck. A batter scores a titanium duck when he gets out on the first ball of the innings without facing a ball himself. It happened on the first ball of the 11th match of IPL 2012 between Delhi Daredevils and Chennai Super Kings. 

Faf du Plessis faced the first ball of the innings from Irfan Pathan and defended it to Irfan’s right. Faf immediately called for a run. But as Irfan instantly collected the ball, Faf sent Vijay back, who had already covered more than three-quarters of the pitch. Irfan passed the ball to Mahela Jayawardene at the non-striker’s end, who removed the bails to run out Vijay for a diamond duck.

#4 Mohit Sharma v RCB, 2015:

Mohit Sharma became the fourth CSK player to register a diamond duck and the second against Royal Challengers Bangalore. He fell victim to this rare dismissal in the 37th match of IPL 2015. Mohit got out on the final ball of the first innings. Ashish Nehra faced the final delivery by Mitchell Starc and missed. To add one more run, Mohit set off to sneak a bye off the final delivery. But, Dinesh Kartik was quick enough to collect the ball and execute a direct hit from behind the stumps. Mohit couldn’t make it to the crease at the striker’s end and got out on a diamond duck. With his wicket, CSK’s innings wrapped up on 148/9.


#5 Shardul Thakur v RCB, 2019:

Shardul Thakur is the last CSK player to have gotten out for a diamond duck in IPL. Interestingly he is also the third to registered it against RCB. While chasing a target of 162 against Royal Challengers Bangalore in the 39th match of IPL 2019, Chennai Super Kings needed 26 off the final over. Mahendra Singh Dhoni was on strike, and Shardul at the non-striker’s end at the beginning of the last over. 

Dhoni thrashed Umesh Yadav‘s first five balls for 24 runs, bringing down the equation to two needed off the last ball. However, Dhoni failed to connect the final ball and set off to steal a bye to even the scores. But Parthiv Patel had already prepared for it by removing one of his gloves. He executed a successful direct hit to run out Shardul for a diamond duck and claim a one-run win for RCB.


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