​5 Big Opponents For Bray Wyatt If He Returns To WWE

It has been a while since we saw the Fiend, Bray Wyatt, wreaking havoc across the ring. From the insane gimmick of the Eater of the Worlds to the Fiend, he made quite a few heads shake. A couple of cryptic tweets from Bray drew vehement attention towards the burly wrestler.

Even though there is no concrete statement about his return, his cryptic tweets have somehow been doing the rounds, keeping the WWE audience abuzz. Given the kind of craze that he managed to conjure over the years where he floored beasts like Roman Reigns, John Cena, Randy Orton and Braun Strowman, the audience is hellbent to witness their favourite monster return.

As the noises in the ringside to see Bray grapple in the ring again goes louder than ever, here are five possible oppositions that can be the perfect pick for the Eater of the Worlds if he returns.


1. Demon Finn Balor

As far as reports went, there were plans of introducing the Demon to the Fiend and pit them against each other, which could have very well been the dream contest in the WWE industry.

However, the raging pandemic laid a halt to the plans. Both stars have faced each other multiple times but somehow the iron-wrought rivalry went missing. Probably the return of the Fiend can bring back the lost rancour and rekindle the darkness that WWE has dabbled in very little.

2. Cody Rhodes

Even though the Fiend hasn’t got a history with Cody, yet Husky Harris, Wyatt’s former schtick was Rhodes’ pro in NXT in 2010.


However, the darkness conjured by Wyatt in recent times where he has upped his game by a million notches will definitely present a rock-solid battle between two contrasting colours where Bray represents darkness while Cody Rhodes is America’s sweetheart.

3. Roman Reigns

Reigns was the beast who put an end to Wyatt’s championship run. Needless to say, when he comes back, he is going to avenge his earlier downfall.

Like it or not but Wyatt’s mic skills when pitted against that of Paul Heyman, will be an absolute fest for the WWE Universe. On top of that, the duo makes a strong case for a battle unseen that can wreak significant havoc in the ring.


4. Karrion Kross

When Karrion Kross returned to the industry, he chose a very dark theme to warn Reigns and attack Drew McIntyre.

A battle that will have symbolism and darkness penned all over it can leave a significant impact on the WWE Universe. The duo is also a good match for each other, physically, especially given their close wrestling styles.

#5 Randy Orton

Despite humbling legends of the game like Rollins, Cena, Balor and Bryan, Orton took Wyatt down with a simple RKO. In fact, Wyatt admitted to be debilitated by Randy in a preceding face-off. If the Fiend returns, it won’t be a surprise if he would pick the Viper as his next opposition.



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