Not Cody Rhodes, But 6-Time Champion Might Be Traded To SmackDown For Jey Uso

Monday night Raw had a blast as Jey Uso stepped up and returned with a bang and the WWE Universe loved the surprise. He was introduced by the American Nightmare before finally embracing Sami Zayn in a friendship lost months ago after the Bloodline intervened.

However, when someone arrives on the Red Brand from the Blue, there is obviously a repercussion and as per the words of Adam Pearce, it will be respected member from Raw heading to Smackdown for filling in the void of Jey Uso who made quite a ripple in his final days in SmackDown where he took Roman Reigns and Jimmy Uso down.


It was Sami Zayn who was the first one to greet Jey on his return after Cody Rhodes announced on the Grey Waller show that the Uce had returned but in a different color and there were no bounds for the fans who loved this announcement.

Here is why Sami Zayn will be the perfect fit for SmackDown as a replacement for Jey Uso

Zayn also explained it to Jey why it was important for him to switch his loyalties, citing the adjustment in the locker room being a primary issue given the constant presence of the Bloodline who would probably try and take every shot at Jey to harrow and torment him.

However, as per the hint dropped by Adam Pearce, it will most likely be Zayn due to his former association with the locker room and he is known by most of the superstars. Hence, he can take his chances of going big in the blue brand but then there are fair shares of chances where he may face resistance from the Judgment Day who recently clinched the tag-team titles from Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens in the recently concluded PPV, WWE Payback.



It will be intriguing to see how WWE finishes the story of Bloodline and what are the possibilities of a successful cash in from Damian Priest with the Judgment Day running side by side.

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