4 WWE couples who surprisingly split before marriage

For many years, WWE has been a breeding ground for love stories between its highly talented stars. With nearly 300 days a year spent on the road together, it’s no surprise that these athletes often form strong bonds and romantic relationships.

Moreover, these couples were even on their path to making it to the aisle, only for certain circumstances or their own choice to call it off. Here, we highlight the top four former real-life couples who were bound to get married but did not go through with it:

1. John Morrison and Melina

John Morrison and Melina have been in a relationship with each other ever since they were a part of the MnM faction on SmackDown with Joey Mercury.


The duo dated for nearly 11 years and were well on their way to tie the knot after spending so much time with each other. However, they surprisingly called it off after Melina stated that Morrison’s lack of trust and certain rumors of Melina cheating on him led to them parting ways.

2. Triple H and Chyna

Triple H and Chyna rose to prominence together as part of their stint in D-Generation X which made them highly popular during the Attitude Era.

While many had speculated about their marriage, things eventually came to an end after The Game’s onscreen relationship with Stephanie McMahon translated into a real-life romance. This would led to Chyna’s departure from the company around 2001 and Triple H and Stephanie getting married in 2002.


3. Alexa Bliss and Buddy Matthews

Alexa Bliss and Buddy Matthews began their relationship during their stint in NXT back in 2013. The duo announced their engagement in 2016 and were well on their way to getting married.

However, they called it off after two years but claimed that they would remain friends. Bliss would later find love with popular musician Ryan Cabrera  who she would marry, while Matthews would be get engaged to current top WWE star, Rhea Ripley.

4. John Cena and Nikki Bella

John Cena and Nikki Bella were one of the most highly publicized WWE couples, who began their relationship after Cena’s first marriage ended.


While Cena made it clear that he was not looking at another marriage, his love for Nikki grew with years and he finally popped the question in front of a huge WWE Universe in attendance for WrestleMania 33. Although, their marriage was planned to happen a year later, Cena’s refusal to have children and other differences led to both WWE superstars failing to make the aisle and finding love and happiness with different partners.

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