4 weirdest scorecards in Cricket history

Most of the cricketing scorecards don’t generally surprise you because if you are a frequent cricket watcher, you can predict the pattern of the games in different conditions on different kind of pitches.

However, there are a few scorecards at the club and the first class level which would raise your eyebrows, no matter how many cricket games you have seen in the past.

Here are the 4 weirdest scorecards in the history of cricket –


#1 KC Gandhi High School vs Arya Gurukul

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In school cricket, there are always a couple of kids who pile on a lot of runs, but those games are generally high scoring overall and it’s not that one particular kid scores loads and the other players don’t score at all.

However, in a game of the Bhandari Cup between KC Gandhi HS and Arya Gurukul, Gurukul batted first and was bundled out for just 33 runs. Gandhi HS, in reply to that, scored 1465 runs at the score of 3 wickets and out of those 1465 runs, 1009 runs were scored by one batsman alone who was named Pavan Deshpande.


And, Gurukul, surprisingly, couldn’t even get to the score of 100 in their second innings either and were dismissed for just 52 runs to lose the game by an innings and 1382 runs.

#2 Rajshahi Division vs Chittagong Division

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This was actually a first class game in Bangladesh and normally, in first class cricket or international cricket, if you dismiss the top and the middle order cheaply, you don’t expect big scores from the lower order. The lower order can still put up a fight, but hundreds and double hundreds are not expected from them.


However, in that game between Rajshahi Division and Chittgagong, Rajshahi was struggling at one stage and had lost their 6 wickets at the score of just 77, but then the no. 7, no. 8 and no. 9 batsmen added 598 more runs to the total and Rajshahi eventually declared the innings at the score of 675.

#3 Bermuda women vs South Africa women

Image credits: EspnCricinfo

In a World Cup qualifying game against South Africa women, the Bermuda women got all out for just 13 runs and that too when there were 10 extras in the innings. The highest individual score in the innings was 1 run. Three batswomen scored 1 run each and the remaining 7 batswomen were dismissed for duck.


Chasing the target of 14 runs, South Africa easily won by 10 wickets.

#4 Worcestershire vs Glamorgan

Image credits: EspnCricinfo

In a game of the county championship against Glamorgan in 1977, Worcestershire was sent packing for just 169 runs, but that was not weird because a lot of teams get bowled out in that range in red ball cricket. What was weird about that scorecard was that the Worcestershire opener Glenn Turner scored 141 runs alone, but still the whole team couldn’t even get past the score of 200.


The second highest score after Turner was that of N Gifford who scored 7 runs batting at no. 10 for Worcestershire.


I write a bit on cricket and I am more interested in technical and tactical side of the game, rather than bravado.

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