4 times Roman Reigns broke character in WWE

Roman Reigns has been the unquestioned leader of WWE’s modern era as probably, one of its biggest stars in history. The man who started out as the muscle of The Shield went through a turbulent road of fan rejection and eventually winning them over as The Tribal Chief has earned it every step of the way.

Moreover, his Tribal Chief character has its own layers of drama and captivating personality that is often known to be dominant, hellish persona and positioning himself on the top of the pedestal berating those beneath him. But here are those rare four instances that Roman Reigns broke character in WWE:

1. Missionary Position

In the summer of 2021, John Cena returned to WWE to confront The Tribal Chief version of Roman Reigns for the first time.


While Reigns sensed the threat from The Face that Runs the Place, he expected a new version of Cena to show up too. In a memorable moment, he expressed his disappointment over seeing the same John Cena charade prevalent in WWE for 15 years, comparing it to ‘Missionary Position’ every single time.

2. Mocking his Greatest Rival

There is no doubt that Seth Rollins is perhaps, Roman Reigns’ greatest rival dating back to their time in The Shield and classic rivalry over the years.

On the road to WrestleMania 40, Roman and Seth were once again pitted against each other as part of the huge tag team match slated for the main event of WrestleMania. Moreover, Rollins had injured his knee at the same time, leading to Reigns mocking his injured walk on SmackDown in a popular moment.


3. A pretentious slap

Under his Tribal Chief, Roman Reigns is often known to mock and play tricks of his own. He did the same during his and Solo Sikoa’s match against Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens for the Undisputed WWE tag team titles at WWE Night of Champions 2023.

At one moment, as he was beating up Zayn and the referee tried to intervene, Reigns broke character to pretend to slap him in a mockery of his own.

4. Aqua Man

Roman Reigns has been compared a lot to Aqua Man’s popular actor, Jason Momoa. In fact at a WWE live event as he was in a tag team match, a fan shouted from the stands that Reigns was fantastic in the movie in a comic manner.



In turn, Reigns disssed Momoa claiming that he would have made more money if he had done the film.

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