Is Solo Sikoa The New Tribal Chief Of The Bloodline? Exploring possible twist

Even though there is still ample time to figure out that whether the Rock will return for another excruciating battle with the American Nightmare or a possible storyline that would see the two icons go head to head for one more time. However, a new twist has come and that is of a new tribal chief. Who exactly can it be? People say that it is the Rock. But maybe it is none other than the Enforcer, Solo Sikoa.

Don’t judge us just yet. We are warming up and maybe there are a lot of reasons to believe why this is Solo’s time. We will enlist them all. But first and foremost, these are just our understanding and if you have further points to add, then the comments box is always open.

#1 Solo’s relationship with Roman Reigns was always running on thin ice

The tension between Solo Sikoa and Roman Reigns was very much palpable. The duo always had tension in their eyes and despite Roman’s accomplished greatness, Solo had plans for more. For him it was victory and establishment that mattered and somehow with the defeat of Roman that respect evaporated. In fact, you have watched the main event at WM XL, then you would know that he was looking forward to establishment and being a part of the winning stable is what gave him glory. However, with the defeat, now he wants to build a new stable that would have fresh faces, that of Tama Tonga before the rebuild.


#2 The Rock is not here for a full-time contract. So who does that leave to be the Tribal Chief? Solo himself

With Dwayne Johnson’s Hollywood obligations, the next man in the making to lead an entire battalion was Solo Sikoa. Ever since his victory against John Cena, Solo didn’t win a single match. Now when you out someone like Solo under the bus over and over again, things needs to change and the man must have agreed to such a storyline only for better proceeds in the future and that surely is of leading the Bloodline or forge the next Bloodline.

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