3 WWE Wrestlers Whom Liv Morgan Dated And 1 Superstar That She Had A Crush On

Liv Morgan’s life changed overnight or let’s say miraculously when after waiting at the Hooters she signed for WWE. She has been a force to reckon with ever since her arrival in the ring. Not only did Liv Morgan impose herself upon the other female wrestlers but she has already penned a legacy to be envied by anyone in the world.

Over the years, many fans have admitted to having a crush on Liv while this has been accompanied by seasoned wrestlers too wherein the former member of the Riot Squad confessed to having a crush on a handful of WWE stars.

From the list of top names that have been doing the rounds for the glistening wrestler, here are four big names that would send a chill down your spine already in excitement:


#1 Liv Morgan had a crush on John Cena


The leader of Cenation has always been the heartthrob of countless WWE fans and wrestlers. Well, Liv Morgan is no exception to this age-old liking and openly confessed to having a crush on Cena.  Talking to Complex, Morgan said, “I loved John Cena, I thought he was the s**t. I had such a crush on him.”

#2 Former WWE Cruiserweight Champion nZo

Formerly known as Enzo Amore, nZo met Liv Morgan before the two joined the WWE roster. Their first encounter took place where Liv previously waited.

After his WWE release, nZo later went onto reveal, “When I was in NXT I dated Liv and lived with her and she actually still lives with my roommate. So my best friend from like elementary school still lives with my ex Liv out there in Orlando.”


#3 Former NXT UK Champion Tyler Bate

After a break-up with nZo, Liv was seen closely with Tyler Bate as the couple posted a few pictures together on social media. In fact, in order to fuel the rumors, the duo also exchanged a handful of flirtatious tweets. However, the duo never confirmed their relationship and later on Ruby Soho’s status, Liv posted a status where she said, “single and ready to mingle”.

#4 Liv Morgan is dating Bo Dallas

Bo Dallas was initially in a relationship with former NXT star, Sarah Backman and the couple was married for five years before they divorced in 2019.


Later rumors started pointing at the fact that Bo was linked with Liv Morgan for a while. In fact, the duo were stated to live in a farm. Wrestling Observer stated, “[Bo Dallas] has a farm living with Morgan and they’ve started a family real estate business and studying that to prepare for life after wrestling.”

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