3 Shots Which Are Trademark Of Rishabh Pant-No One Else Can Play It

Rishabh Pant is on his way to becoming the next Indian cricket superstar. Because of what he has done on the field, the wicket-keeper batter has had a lot of success. The 24-year-old has a lot of talent, and his unconventional way of hitting has made him a bit of a cult hero in modern cricket.

Since his first game in the U19 circuit, when he played for Delhi, he has been a fan Favorite. The left-handed batter is one of the most exciting players in modern cricket because he can play on the front foot and attack the other team with a variety of strokes.

No matter what kind of game it is, Pant’s strokes can amaze everyone and even confuse some of the best bowlers in the world. Can’t believe it? Just ask James Anderson.


In this article, we look at Rishabh Pant’s firepower and talk about three shots that no one else can play in modern cricket.

#3 Slog with one hand

There’s just something about the way Rishabh Pant plays with one hand. Even though it’s not one of the most common shots in the book, he makes it look easy. Most of the time, he uses this shot against the spinners. He dances down the track to build up speed before he smacks them down or over the cow corner. But that doesn’t mean he can’t hit the pacers sometimes.

Nathan Lyon and Jack Leach are the ones who have been hit like this. The interesting thing about his slog, though, is that he keeps at it even if he doesn’t get to the pitch of the ball. When he makes up his mind about what he wants to do, he just goes out and does it. It’s easier to say that than to do it. But again, most things are like that with Pant.


#2 The Reverse-Scoop

Test cricket is hard work for the players, and most of their attention is on how to play the game. A few years ago, if a player lost his wicket while using the reverse scoop or sweep, he would probably have lost his spot on the team. Now, no longer. Now, it’s all fun and part of the game.

The captain of the Delhi Capitals is right at the front of this change. Even though he has done some funny things now and then, the reverse scoop against James Anderson has to be the funniest. Joe Root is another player who has recently started using this shot well.

#1 Pull Shot

Well, if you ask Pant, he’ll tell you that his pull shots can be done in at least three or four different ways. Some were behind the square, others were in front of it, and some were even on one knee. He keeps all of them in his locker. The shuffle across the paddle behind square off one knee is the one he uses most effectively.


The other is a pull that makes you use your wrists a lot. Even though the name hasn’t been trademarked yet, some people are calling it “the helicopter pull.” If you have seen the former captain of the West Indies, Darren Sammy, bat, you might know what is being talked about.

In the recent T20I series against England, the southpaw played his own version of the shot by whipping a pull off the hips. Moeen Ali was the bowler who was hit.


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