3 Released Superstars whom WWE might rehire in 2024

WWE is now going through tumultuous times as the ratings for WWE Raw went down the drain and the company is barely able to keep up with the kind of chaos that is surrounding the industry. Is there a way out of the situation? Well, we aren’t experts. However, there is a possibility that WWE may once again look back at rehiring a few superstars considering their upcoming trajectory.


Here are three superstars who can be brought in by WWE once again but obviously in 2024. Why the gap? Because it has never happened that WWE has released someone and brought him or her back on the very next day. Hence, here are three wrestlers whom WWE can rehire.

#1 Shanky

WWE has tried over and over again to make Indian wrestlers work and somehow it hasn’t really helped their cause. Except for Jinder Mahal and the Great Khali, the rest of the superstars have been pretty much on the reticent lines.



However, it is expected that given Shanky’s dominant run, he can be a game-changer but for that he will need to work harder on his agility. If things go alright, he may be taken into consideration of being brought back to the ring.

#2 Yulisa Leon

There was a lot of promise around Yulisa Leon and it still continues to date. Surprisingly though WWe believes that the time is not right for Leon. They have released her and unless there are major changes coming all the way from Yulisa, WWE would be happy to be keep things that way. However, with all said and done, Leon can be a part of the future WWE roster given her popularity in the WWE Roster.

#3 Mansoor

Someone from the middleweight category, Mansoor has found it pretty hard to make a name for himself in current times.


However, the likes of Jinder Mahal, Drew McIntyre, names that somehow belonged to the same category, came back stronger than ever and it is expected that Mansoor can be of a similar category and WWE may take him back in 2024.


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