3 reasons why Tiffany Stratton should become new WWE Women’s Champion

Tiffany Stratton has been perceived as one of the top rising stars for WWE. After creating a huge impact on NXT, she was called up to the main roster two months ago and even was drafted in the top round of SmackDown in the WWE Draft 2024.

Moreover, Tiffany has managed to impress the audience with her presence and in-ring performances so far and is now slated in a triple-threat match against Naomi and Bayley for her WWE Women’s Championship at WWE Backlash France. With Tiffany gaining the upper hand on both competitors on the road to the event and a huge fan base already on ‘Tiffy Time’, WWE could see the rise of a new main event talent in the Women’s division, with three reasons backing to make Tiffany Stratton the new Women’s champion.

1. A huge ‘Tiffy Time’ fanbase in existence

Tiffany Stratton has already made a huge mark with her WWE tenure so far. Her fanbase first came to light in huge numbers during her amazing performance in Australia inside the Elimination Chamber in February 2024. Since then, Tiffy Time fans have been on the rise and have been wanting to see Stratton rise to the top giving WWE all the reason to make a new champion in the Center of the Universe.


2. Tiffany Stratton has impressive in-ring athleticism & Personality

A major reason for WWE Universe fans coming abroad on the Tiffany Stratton bandwagon is her impressive in-ring acumen and style that she developed through intense training and a background in Gymnastics. Moreover, her finisher, ‘The Prettiest Moonsault Ever’ has become highly popular among the fans alongside Tiffany’s captivating personality and presence. All that summed up, WWE has the right candidate to make a new Women;’s champion in Tiffany Stratton at WWE Backlash.

3. History-making with her quick ascension to the top

In the history of WWE, only a few superstars have been able to have a quick ascension to the top of the WWE ladder. WWE has the opportunity to do the same in their new era by putting the belt on Tiffany Stratton at Backlash. Considering the look, in-ring skills, and person possessed by her, Tiffany could enter the main event scene quicker than many to become a top attraction for the company.


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