WWE Backlash Predictions: 4 possible finishes to Bayley vs Naomi vs Tiffany Stratton match

WWE Backlash Predictions are about to close in soon. The company is on the road to its next highly anticipated Premium Live Event, WWE Backlash France. Scheduled for Saturday, May 4, 2024, at the LDLC Arena in D├ęcines-Charpieu within the vibrant Lyon Metropolis of France, the stage is set for an electrifying evening of world-class in-ring action.

As the stage is set for WWE’s takeover in France, one of the most enthralling bouts on the Backlash card is the triple threat match between Naomi, Tiffany Stratton, and Bayley for the Role Model’s WWE Women’s Championship. After weeks of run-ins, interferences, and no clear winner in matches, all three women will collide at the same time with SmackDown’s richest prize for the women hanging in the balance.

In the heart of Lyon, amidst a backdrop of fervent anticipation, here are four potential outcomes for the triple threat match set to take place at WWE Backlash France:


1. Bayley makes her first successful title defense

Bayley went down a highly challenging road en route to the biggest WrestleMania of all time where she defeated IYO Sky to win the WWE Women’s championship. WWE built a captivating narrative around Bayley’s title win and would possibly want to continue for a long time considering her veteran status and star power. This would see Bayley defy the odds once again by putting down both Naomi and Tiffany Stratton together at WWE Backlash France and retaining her title.

2. It’s Tiffy Time at the top of the blue brand

Tiffany Stratton has emerged to become the fastest-rising star on the WWE main roster. Moreover, Stratton also clinched a top spot in the WWE Draft 2024, for her being perceived as a future main event attraction. With Tiffany’s popularity rising by the day, WWE can capitalize on the momentum and crown Tiffany Stratton as the new WWE Women’s Champion further solidifying her status as a credible star.

3. WWE Backlash Predictions – Damage CTRL bid farewell to Bayley

As witnessed on the WWE Draft 2024, Damage CTRL was drafted on RAW whereas Bayley remained on SmackDown putting an end to their rivalry, now that they are on separate brands. However, the members can put the final nail in the coffin by interfering in her title match and costing the Role Model her title, in getting the last laugh in their months of heated feud.


4. WWE Backlash Predictions – Naomi turns her back on Bayley

For weeks, Bayley and Naomi have been tagging along despite competing against each other for the WWE Women’s Championship. However, Naomi’s failed quest to capture the title at WWE Backlash France with Bayley retaining could see her snap and attack the former Hugger and turning her back on her friend to start off their heated feud.

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