3 reasons why The Bloodline is a better faction than Main Event Mafia

WWE has now been housing quite a few factions and one of them undoubtedly that grabs the limelight is that of the Bloodline. Currently comprising Roman Reigns, Jimmy Uso, Paul Heyman and Solo Sikoa, the Bloodline has been running riots for ages now and the Tribal Chief continues to be the most dominant force in the faction.

With that being said, another iconic faction in the history of wrestling that has created ripples in the TNA since 2008 was that of Main Event Mafia. The stable consisted of Booker T, Sharmell, Nash, Sting and Steiner. With that being said and a bit of contrast taking shape on the micro-blogging site called X, here are three reasons why the Bloodline was better than Main Event Mafia.

#1 The Bloodline has lasted for way longer

Endurance is of course the yardstick for any faction and the longer they last, the longer they carry a storyline despite a change in members. However, with that being said, the Bloodline has outlived the Main Event Mafia by a proverbial mile. Alongside, despite the change in personnel, Roman Reigns has been one constant force in the storyline.


#2 Bloodline’s leading member has not changed ever

The leader stands out for any faction and he is key to the success of the same. Roman Reigns has been one such leader who has done vehement rounds and at the end of the day stood tall no matter the opposition. With that being said, Bloodline stands out because Roman Reigns continued the war on his faction’s behalf and given his force and charisma, the faction continues to survive.

#3 Have been main eventing every PPV for almost the last three years

Talk about glitz and glam, talk about charisma and talk about a towering presence, Bloodline has been main eventing almost every PPV for more than three years now. Wherein, Main Event Mafia were so flaky after building a star-studded unit that crumbled down in a year and that is exactly where Bloodline leads the show emphatically.


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