3 Reasons Why Roman Reigns Vs Cody Rhodes II Will Be The Greatest WWE WrestleMania Main Event Of All Time

It was the kick-off event of WrestleMania and fans went berserk after what they saw. More importantly, there are murmurs in the sky that states that it is going to be the biggest wrestling event of all time. It is the finest storyline that WWE has cooked and fans from hating the Rock have gone onto love him more than ever for turning heel after a decade and a half.

So why is WrestleMania 40 going to be one of the biggest wrestling events of all time? Well, definitely because there will be iconic returns, there will be great overtures and what not. But mostly because they have a main event that has the capability of shattering all records.

Cody Rhodes and Roman Reigns will be going head to head with each other and this is finally the scene where the story gets completed. Here are three reasons why this is going to be the biggest WM main event of all time.


#1 Two of the best the industry has to offer now will headline WrestleMania 40

Cody Rhodes and Roman Reigns are indeed two of the finest superstars that the industry has to offer right now. Roman Reigns has been unbeaten for an eternity now while every time Cody takes the ring, the entire crowd swivels and swings in admiration to Cody’s theme song. It tells you volumes about the two superstars who can kill for a living.

#2 Prolonged families in wrestling

Both the superstars come from iconic wrestling families where the entire family of Roman Reigns have been plying their trade in the ring for generations now while for Cody there was Dusty Rhodes and his brother Goldust who were legends of their own epochs while Cody has proven to be a superstar of his own making. So much history and so many angles to play with.

#3 WWE is finally getting the crowd involved


Whenever the crowd has been involved they make one hell of a story and that is exactly what WWE is banking upon. Another movement in the making and another backing of a superstar who can break all records and it has never been a disappointment at all. The fans have loved it all and and the industry too.

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