3 reasons why Roman Reigns must include Nia Jax in The Bloodline

Talk about dominating sables in the industry and The Bloodline obviously tops the list in the modern-day wrestling. From Roman Reigns to Solo Sikoa with Jimmy Uso in the faction too, they have been unstoppable throughout the last few years. How about another addition to The Bloodline and let’s say Nia Jax?

However, all the modern-day factions usually have a woman in their ranks. And The Bloodline will be unstoppable if they can have one too and can also challenge The Judgment Day which will give a new shape to the angles that these two factions wrestle for.

Now when we talk about Bloodline, you need to be one of the best in the locker room and with all said and done, the best possible names for this storyline should ideally be Nia Jax. Here are three reasons why Roman Reigns should include Nia in the Bloodline.


#1 Nia Jax is the enforcer and will make a perfect fit alongside Solo Sikoa

The Enforcer went on a rampaging spree before she got her fights sorted. Now she has quite a few targets on her back in the form of Raquel Rodriguez and Rhea Ripley. Hence considering the kind of strength that Nia brings to the table makes her a perfect fit for The Bloodline.

#2 Nia Jax’s inclusion to The Bloodline makes her a perfect heel

Talk about heels and talk about being respected in the same breath (read this feared) and there is no other place than The Bloodline.

Nia Jax has already established herself as a heel but when it comes to being respected as a heel, Jax can better than what she is doing for the time being.


#3 Nia Jax can be Roman’s mercenary in The Bloodline

Ideally this can also be used as a catalyst for breaking up the Bloodline. When Nia does Roman’s dirty work and Solo Sikoa fails to do so, it is obvious that Roman Reigns will have something to rebuke Solo Sikoa and when that happens, you know that shortly thereafter, Roman may come knocking on the doors of Nia being the primary member of the Bloodline over Solo and therefore, Nia should be in the group.

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