5 WWE Superstars who can defeat Roman Reigns for Undisputed Universal Championship before 2023 ends

WWE has now been hinting at a possible shift of power from Roman Reigns and before 2023 ends, they may wrest the WWE Undisputed title from the Tribal Chief. However, if you are bringing in a champion who can actually match the might of Roman, it needs to be someone sturdy enough.

With all said and done, here are five superstars who can beat Roman Reigns before the end of 2023. This will mean new storylines and maybe a change of Roman from heel to face which may or may not be applauded by the fans. Yet, here we go.

#1 Solo Sikoa

The most obvious man who can actually put Roman reigns away for good is Solo Sikoa. The tension between the two have been time and time again pretty palpable. However, WWE has been harnessing it. Just when the time is right they will be using it as an easy out and obviously with the Bloodline in chaos, they may use that as a tipping point.


#2 Seth Rollins

It has been a while since the two have come face to face but if they come, the WWE Universe would berserk. Two juggernauts of the industry doesn’t hold back and will be bringing the roof down on each other with the fans cheering on at the loudest. Also, the storyline of an old rivalry can be invoked as well.

#3 Brock Lesnar

Failing to capture the title earlier, Brock Lesnar may have another shot at the title and given his towering run, he may even lay his hands on the prized belt. Someone who is used to handling those big challenges and successfully executing the storyline considering the kind of brutality that he brings to the platter, WWE may give hand him over another title shot.

#4 Damian Priest

Well this is a far-fetched dream but there is a chance that Damian Priest may be handed a run as a face when he walks away from the Judgment Day. Given the fact that he has the contract with him still, this is where it gets spicy as the Archer of Infamy lets go of Seth to stare in the eyes of the Tribal Chief and in the process defeat him too.


#5 Bronn Breakker

Well, we have seen Paul Heyman switching sides just in the nick of time and the fact that he has already been taking the corner of Bronn, this means that he can come to the ring and challenge Roman Reigns. Even though for a newbie it won’t be a title shot but you never know, considering the fact that Bronn is a towering wrestler, he may just be the exception.

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