3 reasons why CM Punk should beat Seth Rollins for World Heavyweight championship

The entire WWE Universe is still in awe after witnessing a historic moment at Survivor Series last night. Ending nearly a decade of speculations and rumors, the seemingly impossible happened as the Cult, CM Punk, made a triumphant return to WWE.

CM Punk’s comeback wasn’t just a moment, it sparked an emotional eruption, with the entire arena echoing CM Punk chants and capturing crazy reactions from fans worldwide. Even the War Games match talents were taken aback, learning shortly before the contest about Punk’s surprise appearance.

A candid moment unfolded as Seth Rollins expressed frustration upon seeing the Voice of the Voiceless walk down the ramp. While it seems like a work by The Architect, potentially to set set the stage for a feud with CM Punk.



If CM Punk and Seth Rollins are destined for a showdown, here are three compelling reasons why Punk should emerge victorious in the battle for the World Heavyweight Championship.

1. Establish CM Punk as the face of WWE

CM Punk’s return is not just a nostalgic trip down, it’s also about reclaiming his status as the Best in the World. A championship win against Seth Rollins would solidify Punk’s place in the modern WWE landscape. Punk’s win would not only honor his legacy but will also speak that he’s ready to reclaim his throne as a top-tier competitor.

2. To continue Roman Reigns’ historic run

Roman Reigns is aiming to become the WWE’s longest-reigning champion, a challenging yet attainable feat. Such record-breaking opportunities are rare, and both Roman and WWE would be eager to create this moment.



Roman has single-handedly shouldered the championship scene, however it looked a bit extended on TV screen. If CM Punk secures the title, he could shift the spotlight onto himself, allowing the Tribal Chief to pursue the milestone seamlessly.

3. Unfinished Business and Redemption

The circumstances surrounding Punk’s departure were shrouded in controversy and dissatisfaction. Now, with the World Heavyweight Championship in his sights, Punk will have a chance to script the conclusion to his WWE story on his own terms. The fans have rallied behind Punk’s comeback, and a championship win would be the ultimate payoff.


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