3 popular Indian cricket stadiums that need a renovation at the earliest

India is the hotspot for the game of cricket right now. However, fan engagement is one aspect that is not great in the country right now. Especially, barring a few, the standards of cricket stadiums have not been great. With so much revenue flowing in, BCCI must take steps to trigger the renovation of some popular venues. Here, we take a look at three popular cricket stadiums that need renovation at the earliest.

1) Arun Jaitley Stadium – Delhi

One of the iconic stadiums in India, the Arun Jaitley Stadium is in a poor condition. The advertisements that stick out on the stands are also a put-off.

Considering Delhi is India’s capital, the city definitely needs a better stadium. DDCA must also take action to improve the facilities at the venue. This would help Indian cricket going forward.


2) Green Park Stadium – Kanpur

Green Park Stadium in Kanpur is one of the popular cricket stadiums that need renovation at the earliest. Just like the Arun Jaitley Stadium, this venue, too, does not boast a good aesthetic appearance.

Moreover, based on the reviews of many online, the facilities of the stadium are also not up to standard. Hence, the concerned authorities must take action soon.

3) M Chinnaswamy Stadium – Bengaluru

M Chinnaswamy Stadium is one of the most entertaining venues in India. Although the stadium looks decent from the top view, the ceiling is fragile and even if the ball hits, they are vulnerable to coming down. The seating facilities could also need a makeover soon.


Coming to the facilities, there have been complaints regarding this, as well. Bengaluru is slowly becoming one of the most important cities for cricket in India. The city also hosts the NCA and considering the importance, it would be better to have a top class stadium in Garden City.

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