3 members who can forge a new stable to challenge the Solo Sikoa led Bloodline

Solo Sikoa has been wreaking havoc in WWE ever since the disappearance of Roman Reigns. He has forged a new Bloodline with Tama Tonga and Tanga Loa as his mercenaries. Now the most obvious question is who are out to stop them? Time and time again we have known that one stable meets its fate at the hands of other stables or let’s say in this case, one super stable meets its dedicated fate at the hands of another super stable.

So who can eventually forge the new super stable? Do we have similar foes who have suffered the wrath of Solo Sikoa earlier or does an entirely new stable comes to the forefront? Here are three members who can forge the super stable to challenge the supremacy of Solo Sikoa, Tama Tonga and Tanga Loa.

#1 Roman Reigns

The Tribal Chief should be spearheading this entire segment where he leads the stable to war. If this storyline is about someone, it is Roman Reigns. It goes without a saying that he will be coming forth for what is rightfully his. If not a title around his waist but the garland around his neck, the garland of pride. However, it goes without a saying that he cannot do it alone. He will need help. So who are the other two who can likely join forces.


#2 Cody Rhodes

If you believe that the American Nightmare is done with the storyline, here is a quick hint for you, that not really. Rhodes was handed over a chit by the Rock and no one knows what its about. If its off kayfabe, then it goes without a saying that there is ample space behind the lens and the locker room to hand over love letters. However, since its not, which means, Cody will have a part to play and that is how he comes back to this story arc.

#3 The Rock

We said a super-faction and to complete it all, it has to be Dwayne Johnson, the man who transcended the Anoai family to unfathomable heights. Dwayne Johnson will possibly return again for a guest appearance at WrestleMania and that is where it all changes. He is the people’s champ and he will be returning as the people’s champion. However, before this mega battle happens, expect at least a couple of storylines to go down in between.


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