2 WWE Superstars Who Can Help Bayley Against Damage CTRL At WrestleMania XL

Who will help Bayley against Damage CTRL? This is the big question in the minds of the WWE fans right now. After winning the 2024 WWE Women’s Royal Rumble match, Bayley chose IYO Sky as her opponent for WrestleMania XL, leading to a breakup of the Damage CTRL group.

The seeds of betrayal were sown long back when IYO Sky and other members of the Damage CTRL group tried to exclude or berate Bayley. The Role Model realized what happened around there and chose the perfect moment to catch her former teammates off guard.

It looked like Dakota Kai would join Bayley in her fight against Sky and the Kabuki Warriors. However, Kai showed her true colors soon and joined Damage CTRL. Former women’s champion Naomi has shown her desire to help Bayley, but right now, they are just two women against four. Bayley and Naomi need two women more. Here are the two names who can probably help Bayley.


1. Mercedes Mone can return to WWE to help Bayley

Mercedes Mone, fka Sasha Banks, quit WWE in 2022. She has returned to the ring at independent wrestling promotions and NJPW, but she is yet to sign a contract with any promotion.

Despite the previous fight between Mercedes and WWE creative team, fans think that she will return to the company because the regime has changed now. In case Mone agrees to return to WWE, the best storyline for her would be to help Bayley, who is her best friend in real life against Damage CTRL.

2. Bianca Belair

Last week on SmackDown, Bianca Belair showed signs of a slow heel turn during a backstage chat with Naomi. WWE can book Belair to help Bayley first and then betray her, setting up a new chapter in the rivalry of Bianca and Bayley, which carried WWE’s women’s division in 2021.



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