2 reasons why Randy Orton must win the US Championship at WrestleMania XL

With WrestleMania XL coming closer than ever, with less than a couple of weeks to take us all into the Showcase of Immortals, speculations are at an all time high. From the main-event to the matches featuring critical storylines and something that can pave the way for future super heroes, this year’s grandest sporting event of all time is going to be one blockbuster clash. One of the most salient matches of this year’s grand extravaganza will be featuring Randy Orton taking on Logan Paul in a triple threat contest that will also be starring Kevin Owens.

The most obvious question that is doing the rounds already is who should emerge as the winner as the future of the US Championship lies on the balance. Well the answers are aplenty but the man who runs the lead of being the title holder is none other than Randy Orton and there are reasons for the same. Here are two reasons why Randy Orton must win the contest at WrestleMania XL.

#1 Orton has been here for a while now and he returned for the belt

When Orton joined the company back, recovering from his back injury, he came back with a title run on his mind. That was definitely not going to come immediately but slowly and steadily was the Viper suppose to be back in the contest. He has worked his way up until now and is also one of the finest contenders to go sporting around the gold around his waist. Beating Logan Paul and Kevin Owens will help him carve one of the finest rivalries of all match.


#2 Logan has been a guest while Kevin Owens somehow is still to amp up the fans till thee belt hype

Logan has been a guest performer on WWE and this has certainly not sat well with the fans. The WWE Universe wants their champions to be a lot more regular, something like Cena used to be and this is exactly where Randy Orton’s name comes in. Now you may argue that KO is one of the regular names in the mix but when it comes to building storylines and generating pops, somehow KO is still to get into one.

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