2 reasons to believe why Damian Priest’s time in Judgment Day is about to end

Damian Priest recently bagged the World Heavyweight Championship after cashing in his Money in the Bank contract. Following which the entire group hugged and the fans loved the fact that he went onto celebrate the championship like a bunch of kids with his faction. But then not all that glitters is gold.

In the beatdown against Jey Uso, where all the Judgment Day members flocked together, things went horribly wrong and before Priest could stare down Ucey in the face, the entire situation exploded. He simply kept on staring down the fallen foe before the latter made an escape. As far as the rumours go, with Rhea Ripley sidelined, Damian Priest may also be out of the faction because a single push lies ahead of him. Here are two reasons to bolster the fact that why he may not be a part of the Judgment Day anymore.

#1 Damian Priest has turned into a fan’s favourite

He is no longer the hated heel anymore. People love the Archer of Infamy more than his time that was actively involve in simply upping the number’s game. Now it is about finding the right rhythm, finding the right spot and the right space to get the man rocking and rolling to his own rhythm. For someone who is capable of his own heel story if needed, yet can be a face or may be an anti-hero too, it’s time for Damian Priest to step out of JD.


#2 The Championship came against a heel so maybe a turn is imminent

When he stared down at Jey Uso, he wanted to do it all by himself. But somehow the involvement of Judgment Day ripped it all apart. That is where it is expected that he is possibly going to be a babyface from hereon. A solo warrior wreaking havoc in the South of Heaven, we are sure the fans would absolutely love it.

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