2 players who can replace Virat Kohli at number 4 in the test team in the next WTC cycle

The ICC World Test Championship Final 2023 left the Indian team with plenty to ponder. Among the debates triggered by the loss, the potential replacements for Virat Kohli at number 4 in the batting order have garnered attention. This hypothetical situation brings two talented players into focus: Shreyas Iyer and Shubman Gill.

#1 Shreyas Iyer

2 players who can replace Virat Kohli at number 4 in the test team in the next WTC cycle

Shreyas Iyer, a name that has constantly echoed in the corridors of Indian cricket, stands as a formidable candidate. His domestic record speaks volumes of his run-hungry nature and his temperament. The right-hander has already shown his mettle in the limited-overs formats, exhibiting his excellent shot selection and ability to handle pressure.


In the Indian Premier League (IPL), Iyer has demonstrated leadership skills and a big-match temperament, vital traits for a number 4 batsman. His ability to steady the ship or accelerate the scoring, as per the team’s requirement, is commendable. However, transitioning this success into the Test format would be a challenge that Iyer would have to confront head-on.

#2 Shubman Gill

2 players who can replace Virat Kohli at number 4 in the test team in the next WTC cycle

Then we have Shubman Gill, a young talent who has already made significant strides in international cricket. Gill’s temperament and technique have drawn praise from many cricketing pundits. He has a wide array of shots in his arsenal, coupled with a sound understanding of the game. His debut Test series in Australia underlined his potential in no uncertain terms.


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As an opener, Gill has demonstrated the ability to handle the new ball effectively. His potential transition to the number 4 position would necessitate adapting to different game situations. His ability to read the game, coupled with his immaculate technique, positions him well for such a shift.

Replacing Virat Kohli, however, is no small task. His aggressive batting style and unparalleled consistency set him apart. Both Iyer and Gill would have to demonstrate not just skill, but also the hunger and consistency that define Kohli’s game.


In conclusion, if a situation arises where a replacement for Kohli at number 4 is sought, both Iyer and Gill present compelling cases. They bring to the table a blend of talent, temperament, and a thirst for runs. The real challenge, however, would be to emulate the consistent performances and the aggressive intent that Kohli brings to his role. That is a journey they would need to navigate with determination and grit.

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