⁠3 reasons why Jey Uso should beat Damian Priest for World Heavyweight Champion

Jey Uso has emerged as one of the top attractions for Monday Night RAW ever since he arrived on the red brand and began his run as a full-fledged singles star, Main Event Jey Uso. The former WWE tag team champion is in for a huge opportunity at WWE Backlash France as he challenges Damian Priest for the World Heavyweight Title in the latter’s first title defense.

Jey Uso outlasted three top competitors on the RAW after WrestleMania 40 to earn the title shot. Moreover, with his growing popularity, captivating persona and also being drafted as the first pick for RAW on Night 2 in the WWE Draft 2024, the time indeed is here for Jey. So here are three reasons why Uso should dethrone Damian Priest to become champion:

1. Popularity as a singles star

Jey Uso has commanded the admiration and respect of the fans since his split from The Bloodline and coming over to Monday Night RAW. Moreover, his popular catchphrase ‘YEET’ takes over every arena Uso steps into, being a clear indication of his growing fame. WWE has the chance to capitalize on the rise of Jey Uso by putting the World title on Uso on a big stage like Lyon, France.


2. Jey Uso can be the face of Monday Night RAW

With Cody Rhodes drafted to SmackDown, being the Undisputed WWE Champion after spending a lengthy tenure as a RAW star, the red brand is left out with a top face with other stars like Seth Rollins, Drew McIntyre, and CM Punk being on the shelf. Crowning Jey as the new World Champion would cement his status as a main event player and begin his road to becoming the face of RAW in the need of the hour.

3. Next Top Star from the Anoa’i Family

The family that Jey Uso belongs to, the Anoa’i family has produced multiple top-tier singles stars over the years. Moreover, his cousin Roman Reigns had also once envisioned him as the next top star of WWE. The time to fulfill that prophecy seems correct with Jey Uso being in a World title match at WWE Backlash France. So WWE needs to pull the trigger on Uso’s victory to establish the next big star of the company with a rich lineage.


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