⁠2 reasons why WrestleMania 42 in Saudi Arabia is best for business

WWE made a highly strategic move in 2018 when they entered into a 10-year agreement with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to produce live shows, PLEs, and other experiences in their various cities. Since then, WWE has generated spectacular business in Saudi Arabia with shows like WWE Crown Jewel, SuperShowdown, Elimination Chamber, and many more.

Despite the exit of former WWE Chairman Vince McMahon whose regime put together the deal with the Saudi government, the current management of Triple H and Nick Khan have been able to sustain that relationship and build it even further. Moreover, in a recent interview, the Chairman of General Sports Authority stated that they are eyeing hosting a premier WWE Show like the Royal Rumble in their country.

Having said that, here are 2 reasons for WWE to consider and possibly host WrestleMania 42 in Saudi Arabia as next year’s edition is already set to take place in Las Vegas, Nevada:


1. Big Payday for WWE with its Megashow

As seen each and every year, WWE has been generating the maximum business, numbers, and traction from its premier show, WrestleMania. Moreover, they shattered every possible record with their latest edition, WrestleMania 40 billed as the biggest WrestleMania of all time. Therefore, with Saudi Arabia considered one of the richest countries and WWE already making ample money from their shows, hosting WrestleMania in 2026 in Saudi Arabia would mean a big payday for the global juggernaut, more than any event they would generated from any city that hosted The Show of Shows.

2. Better Time Zones for Overseas Audiences if WrestleMania 42 is in Saudi Arabia

The telecast for WWE television programming from the United States has always been a hassle for overseas audiences like India and The United Kingdom fans which contribute a significant part of the WWE Universe. However, Saudi shows have always been convenient time for multiple time zones.

Therefore, hosting WrestleMania 42 in Saudi Arabia would garner a bigger retention rate and a hassle-free experience for the fans over various time zones.


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