​Zelina Vega Facts: All You Need to Know About WWE LWO Superstar

Zelina Vega started rubbing her shoulders with the big names in the WWE Circuit and before you knew that what her endgame, she went forth and challenged for the WWE title. Despite finishing things on a losing note, she did show the world, what she is made of. However, she kept on going and she goes stronger than ever.

The entire WWE Universe is starting to take a special liking for Zelina Vega who has been the new rebel in town. Her wrestling style has been impressive and she really likes to put her body on the line emphatically. Here are five facts that you must know about Zelina Vega.

#1 Zelina Vega was trained by TJP


In a very surprising revelation, TJP who is just 33 years old has trained Zelina Vega to take the mantle. TJP may be very young to become a coach but when it comes to wrestling, there is no denying his talent and also his instructional abilities. The fact that Zelina Vega is challenging the norms with every passing day shows how good TJP is.

#2 Zelina Vega has acted in Hollywood already

Zelina has her own acting inspirations and she would really love to take them forward as per her interviews. But then again she has already been a part of Hollywood as her role in movies has already been a glistening addition to her resume.

She has been a part of Dorothy and the Witches of OZ, Chilling Visions 5: Sense of Fear, and the Army of the Damned. She would also be playing AJ Lee in the film that would televise Paige’s life called Fighting with My Family.


#3 She used wrestling as a medium of emancipation

Wrestlers usually start wrestling in their late 20’s but Zelina had other plans. She had a tough childhood where she would at times be bullied. But then again, she was not someone who would shy away. She would mold herself in a harder version of herself, learn to wrestle at a very tender age and then her love for the industry would allow her get into entertainment wrestling.

#4 Her father was one of the victims of 9/11

9/11 took away countless lives and Zelina Vega’s father was one of them, sadly. When the terrorist attack hit, he was in the 103rd floor and he was trapped. Knowing that there was no escape, he would call his family to tell them a final goodbye. For any child, it is probably one of the most painful conversation to have.

#5 Aleister Black is her husband and they got tattoos together too

She was in a relationship with Austin Aries for a while as they used to wrestle together on WWE’s developmental brand. However, once Austin left, that is when Aleister Black happened. A few years after Aries, it was revealed that Black and Vega were married.


The couple wanted to have tattoos together and they did where Vega added a few small tattoos, one of which was a tribute to her mother while Black did a retouch of his few tattoos while adding a few more to his already impressive inks.

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