“You need intent and passion to be a keeper, because keeping is a thankless job”, KS Bharat talks about his interaction with MS Dhoni ahead of the WTC final

Rising Indian wicketkeeper, KS Bharat, has shed light on the invaluable guidance he received from legendary cricketer MS Dhoni. “It was a very good conversation and there were a lot of insights from that,” Bharat revealed during his recent interaction with the ICC. In anticipation of the upcoming World Test Championship final, the wisdom shared by Dhoni proved particularly timely and enlightening.


Firstly, Dhoni emphasized the indispensable role of intent and passion in cricket. As per Bharat, Dhoni elaborated that being a wicketkeeper is not for the faint-hearted, especially in the long format of the game. Wicketkeeping, Dhoni explained, requires unwavering focus, dedication and an inexhaustible supply of enthusiasm.

Bharat recalled Dhoni’s words, “You keep 90 overs in a Test day and you have to be concentrating ball by ball.” Indeed, this reminder of the demanding nature of wicketkeeping paints a clear picture of the relentless mental and physical rigor involved. Each delivery, each over demands constant attention, a lapse in concentration can lead to game-changing misses.


KS Bharat talks about his interaction with MS Dhoni ahead of the WTC final

Dhoni, who is recognized globally for his unparalleled keeping skills, also conveyed the importance of accepting the challenges that come with the territory. “You have to accept the challenges and embrace it,” Bharat quoted Dhoni. There will always be highs and lows, triumphs and defeats. But taking them in stride, learning from the failures, and savoring the victories is part of the journey.

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Most importantly, Dhoni stressed the significance of maintaining a burning passion for contributing to the team. As Bharat put it, “be really passionate about contributing to the team.” This not only speaks to individual performance but also to the overall success of the team.


In conclusion, Bharat’s account of his enlightening conversation with Dhoni underscores the valuable lessons and insights he gained. It was a reminder of the demanding yet rewarding nature of wicketkeeping, the necessity of unyielding focus, acceptance of challenges, and a fervent desire to contribute to the team. As the World Test Championship final draws near, Bharat will undoubtedly keep these lessons in mind, using them as a source of inspiration and guidance on the grand stage.

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