Wyatt 6 WWE: List Of Superstars Who Are Rumored To Join Bray Wyatt’s New Group

The WWE Universe was left stunned by the resurgence of Bray Wyatt at WWE Extreme Rules this Saturday. This was his first major appearance since being released by the company last year. He returned to a thunderous response at the end of the show to signal the return of evil days.

His return immediately saw makeshift changes happening all over the WWE via social media. WWE stars Seth Rollins and Liv Morgan blacked out their Twitter accounts. Following suit, Dolph Ziggler, T-Bar, and Tommaso Ciampa have blacked out their cover photos as well. This has raised suspicion about their involvement with Wyatt in the future following his return.

Moreover, fans also saw his Firefly funhouse characters come to life before he emerged. There were speculations that the characters, Huskus The Pig, Rambling Rabbit, Mercy The Buzzard, and Abby The Witch were set to come to life, prior to his release. At Extreme Rules, those plans finally materialized. So here is the list Of Superstars rumored To join Bray Wyatt’s new Group:


1. Grayson Waller as Mercy the Buzzard


The NXT prospect is one of the superstars speculated to join Bray Wyatt’s stable as Mercy the Buzzard. He drew a lot of attention in particular and fans began speculating that he was behind the character. Furthermore, the Australian star ignited rumors by tweeting after the pay-per-view ended:

His tweet has made the fan’s belief slightly firm and his addition to Wyatt’s faction could be a massive push to the talented star.

2. Joe Gacy as Huskus The Pig

Another upcoming NXT superstar rumored to be a part of Bray Wyatt’s terrorizing group is Joe Gacy. He has dropped critic hints for weeks, even retweeting the video of the white rabbit’s reveal to happen at Extreme Rules. The former CZW champion didn’t stop there as he posted another tweet, after Wyatt resurfaced back to the WWE, fueling the fire of his involvement in the group:



With both superstars under the same category in terms of on-screen gimmicks, this could be very well true. Bray Wyatt’s alliance joined by Joe Gacy could be a sensible creative direction for the WWE.

3. Will Bo Dallas join Wyatt 6?

Another character making his return was Wyatt’s popular alter-ego, The Fiend. If there is someone who can match up to that level of playing it, it has to be his own brother Bo Dallas. He was released by the company back in 2020. But with his older brother back in the mix, Dallas’s return looks imminent. Wyatt’s own flesh and blood seem the most logical choice to play the character conceived by him. It was also rumored at one point that it was Dallas under the Fiend mask competing at WrestleMania 37 against Randy Orton.

Furthermore, Bryan Alvarez of Wrestling Observer confirmed the news that Bo Dallas is expected to be back in the WWE very soon.


4. Will Liv Morgan join Wyatt 6?


For those who don’t know, former Smackdown Women’s champion Liv Morgan was the original choice to be paired up with Bray Wyatt before Alexa Bliss came along. WWE Extreme Rules saw Morgan lose her title to Ronda Rousey and noticeably had a sadistic smile in defeat. Fast forward to the end of the night, Abby the Witch came to life at the end of the show.

What was interesting to note is that a Women’s title was kept near her. All these signs are pointing towards the Miracle Kid embracing the original plans put in place for Wyatt’s alliance. Liv playing Abby the Witch could be an interesting and fresh storyline direction to explore.


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