The Rock Can Return In Survivor Series And Set Up A Possible Feud With Roman Reigns

A long wait for the wrestling fans can finally meet its end as The Rock is rumored to return to the WWE roster after a hiatus of five long years.

Going by the latest edition of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Dave Meltzer has reported that WWE is planning to bring Dwayne Johnson back for the Survivor Series 2021 that is scheduled to transpire later this year.


The canards also have it in them that the most anticipated return in the WWE canon can spark a feud between him and the ‘Tribal Chief’ Roman Reigns that would most likely culminate into a Wrestlemania showdown.

The match at Wrestlemania can happen in WM 38 in the AT&T Stadium or may even take place at WM 39 in the SoFi Stadium in Los Angeles.


The last time the fans witnessed Rock on the WWE roster was on the 20th anniversary episode of Smackdown on October 4, 2019, where he stood abreast of Becky Lynch. However, the last time he fought in a bout was against Eric Rowan in Wrestlemania 32. The match left everyone stunned as the Rock managed to win in just six seconds, a record in WWE’s glittering bygones.

This is what Roman Reigns had to say on facing the Rock

Roman Reigns managed to arrest his tailspin into decline through the skin of his teeth as he donned on his new gimmick of the Tribal Chief. The Big Dog storyline failed to garner much traction and was met with vehement criticism from the fans.

However, things changed with this new gimmick of his and he is currently deemed as one of the biggest monikers of WWE. The current Universal champion opened up to ESPN’s Ariel Helwani about possible rancor with his cousin, Dwayne Johnson.


He cited, “I wanna create the largest, most monumental moments that sports entertainment can hold. So if that involves him in the picture, then absolutely. And it all comes back and I think he would agree to this, it all comes back to the audience. What do our fans wanna see? What’s gonna entertain? What’s gonna create that escapism where they feel like this is real. Those are the moments I wanna create.”

Ideally, this clash can blow the audience through the roof given the gravity that these two superstars will bring to the table. Rock’s electrifying persona will be going toe-to-toe against Roman’s brute force which will be laced with the pipe bombs dropped by the Bull, turning into a complete package of entertainment.


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