WWE Hell In A Cell: When And Where To Watch, Match Card and Previews

This Sunday will play host to the thirteenth edition of the pay-per-view, WWE Hell in a Cell. This will be streaming live on Peacock in the United States and WWE Network everywhere else across the globe. The PPV was originally slated to happen in October but has been preponed to June in order to accommodate a couple of variances in the timetable.

The Hell in a Cell will be transpiring at 8 p.m. ET/5 p.m. PT on Sunday. In India, the PPV will unfold at 5:30 a.m. on Monday due to the glaring time gap between the USA and our country. There will be expert analysis to kick off the PPV at 7 p.m. ET and 4 p.m. PT. All of this can be caught live on the WWE Network. If you are in India, Sony Pictures Sports Network holds all the rights to telecast all the WWE shows.

Sony Ten 1 will be hosting the PPV with English commentary while Sony Ten 3 will continue the show with Hindi commentary. Their live streaming service, Sony Liv will also be streaming the PPV with commentary according to your preferences.

The PPV will play host to some incredible match-ups that will also feature the much-coveted battle inside the steel structure. We will quickly take a brief look at the bouts slated to happen in this incredible PPV.

Match card of Hell in a Cell:

Bobby Lashley versus Drew McIntyre (Hell in a Cell match)

The clash of the titans will witness the defending champion Bobby Lashley going toe-to-toe with the Scottish psychopath, Drew McIntyre. Lashley

shut off McIntyre by providing an open shot to the title to anyone barring the Scottish warrior or the monster amongst men, Braun Strowman. Kofi Kingston answered the beckoning of the challenge and was snuffed out by an intervening MVP. However, McIntyre emerged not only to stave MVP but also impacted a significant dent on Lashley before the championship bout.

The next week witnessed a collision between McIntyre and Kingston that would accord a title shot to the winner. However, Lashley played spoilsport by attacking both the opponents that left him being honoured with a Trouble in Paradise from Kingston and a Claymore from Drew.

After another round of contest between Kofi and Drew, it was McIntyre who came up trumps and secured a title bout. MVP interfered again and claimed that this will be the final opportunity for the Scottish psychopath to dethrone Lashley from the mount which was countered by Drew stating that the title bout will unfold inside the Hell in a Cell structure to avert any kind of interference.

Rhea Ripley versus Charlotte Flair (Raw Women’s Championship Match)

Rhea Ripley will be putting her title on the line against a soaring Charlotte Flair who attacked her after being debarred from Wrestlemania. Her exclusion from the grandest wrestling stage of all incensed her and ever since the two have been involved in intermittent bursts of scuffles.

Ripley secured the title after a brilliant match-up with Asuka at WM. This was followed by an intense match-up between Ripley and Nikki Cross with the latter emerging victorious after a resonating display in a Beat the Clock Challenge. This was followed by a warning of Flair to Ripley claiming that it won’t be long until she returns to the perch of the Women’s division.


Bianca Belair versus Bayley (SmackDown Women’s Championship Match)

Ever since Bianca has started her titular run after a rippling victory against Sasha Banks, Bayley had thrown out a few stinging gibes at the champion. Despite Belair’s victory against Bayley at the Wrestlemania Backlash, the latter made a watery claim quoting that Bianca has won through unfair means using her hair as a weapon.

After taking enough gibes from Bayley, Bianca appeared on SmackDown to issue a word of caution to the former, agreeing to a match at the Hell-in-a-Cell that would shut up the challenger once and forever.

Bayley accepted the challenge via satellite and claimed that after she beats Bianca in the PPV, she will continue to laugh and her laughing image boomed through the Thunderdome, galvanizing the derision of the SmackDown Women’s champion.

Alexa Bliss versus Shayna Baszler

In one of the spookiest build-ups to this clash, Alexa Bliss will divulge her twisted side aided by the likes of Lily to take on an irate Shayna Baszler. Being in the corner of Nia Jax and Baszler, sommelier Reginald was exposed to a sequence of strange occurrences for weeks.

To put an end to these arcane affairs, Baszler stomped upon Lily which was ensued by a series of flames that chased her backstage. When she barricaded herself in the dressing room, she was petrified at the sight of Lily grinning at her in the mirror. This extraordinary chain of events led to this brilliant clash that will be up for grabs at the Hell-in-a-cell.


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