Reggie Facts: All You Need To Know About The WWE 24/7 Champion

Reggie, formerly known as Reginald, has played multiple characters in his brief World Wrestling Entertainment career. The high-flying Superstar has wowed every member of the WWE Universe with his acrobatics. Of late, WWE has booked him to appear in 24/7 title segments. He has been feuding with the likes of R-Truth, Drew Gulak, Akira Tozawa and Drake Maverick.

Many fans would remember that before chasing the WWE 24/7 title as a singles Superstar, Reggie was working as a Sommelier. He was with Carmella on Friday Night SmackDown. Soon, he moved to WWE Monday night RAW, where he was involved in a romantic storyline with WWE Women’s Tag Team Champion Nia Jax

. More fans are interested to know details of Reggie’s life now, and in this article today, we present to you some unknown facts about him.

1. His real name is Sidney Iking Bateman

The members of the WWE Universe would have an idea about the fact that the WWE Superstars do not wrestle under their real names. The creative team of WWE show writers assign new names to the pro wrestlers. Just like that, Sidney Iking Bateman has received the name of Reggie. He has gained a lot of popularity under his in-ring name.

2. Reggie was once in a gang

Soon after he joined WWE, Reggie made an emotional Instagram post, where he disclosed that before joining Vince McMahon’s company, he was in a gang. Here’s what Reggie wrote:

“From a kid that grew up in a gang in St. Louis, to becoming a @wwenxt superstar. That kid on the left would have never guessed 10 years later where he’d be. Moral of the story! Fall in love with the journey because you never truly know the destination.”


3. He is a father

Although he does not look so big, Reggie is 28 years old and is a father as well. He has often shared pictures with his daughter on social media. Another interesting fact about the current WWE 24/7 champion is the fact that he worked in a circus before joining WWE. It will be interesting to see how long he can remain the 24/7 champion.


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