Apollo Crews Facts: All You Need To Know About The New WWE RAW Superstar

After enjoying a successful run on WWE SmackDown, former Intercontinental Champion Apollo Crews moved to WWE RAW during the Draft 2021. He and Commander Azeez both became a part of the Red brand. Surprisingly, the WWE Creative team has not used him regularly on the RAW roster.

Apollo Crews was a part of the RAW brand during the initial phase of 2020. He had some decent rivalries which helped him gain momentum before debuting a new gimmick on SmackDown. Since Crews has become one of the top Superstars in WWE right now, let’s take a look at some interesting facts about the WWE Superstar.


1. Apollo Crews was born in the USA

While Apollo Crews portrays a Nigerian character on WWE TV, the truth is he was not born in an African country. In fact, he was born in California, USA and he resides in Florida. He started his pro wrestling career in 2009.

2. His previous name was Uhaa Nation

Apollo got the nickname of Uhaa Nation from his coach. When he was doing some weight training in high school, his coach noted that he was as strong as a nation, and thus, he nicknamed him as Uhaa Nation.

3. Apollo Crews received a surprise call-up to the main roster in 2016

Not many expected Apollo Crews to make his main roster debut in 2016, but WWE called him up on the RAW after WrestleMania 32. Apollo made an instant impact and defeated Tyler Breeze. He soon built a winning streak which eventually ended against Chris Jericho.


4. He has two kids

Apollo Crews is married to Linda Palonen. He is a father of two kids, namely Sade and Kai. Both of his children are very young, but because of his profession, Crews has to stay away from his kids for months.

5. He has won two titles in his WWE career

Apollo has won two championships in WWE. His first title was the United States Championship, and after that in 2021, he won the Intercontinental Championship by defeating Big E at WrestleMania 37. Ironically though Big E is currently the WWE Champion on RAW, while Apollo is struggling to find a proper direction on the show.


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