Akira Tozawa Facts: All You Need To Know About The Former WWE 24/7 Champion

Akira Tozawa is one of the most popular international Superstars on the WWE roster right now. Although he is not in the main event scene, Tozawa has featured in some entertaining 24/7 Championship storylines over the past few months. Many fans would remember that Tozawa is also a former Cruiserweight Champion in WWE.

The WWE Universe was once behind Akira Tozawa and his chants. The entire arena would echo during that brief period, but the same is not the case now. Tozawa is mostly a part of comedic segments that make RAW more watchable. In this article today, we will look at some of the lesser-known things about Tozawa.

1. Akira Tozawa made his wrestling debut back in 2005


Akira Tozawa does not look so old, but he is actually 36 years old. He started his wrestling career back in 2005. He spent many years working in the Dragon Gate before joining Vince McMahon’s wrestling promotion. Tozawa currently resides in Los Angeles.

2. He joined WWE after the Cruiserweight Classic

As mentioned ahead, Akira is a former WWE Cruiserweight Champion. He joined the pro wrestling promotion after the Cruiserweight Classic. The Japanese Superstar made it to the semifinals of the tournament where he lost to Gran Metalik.

3. Akira Tozawa is a former member of Titus Worldwide

Titus Worldwide was a faction that Titus O’Neil formed. Superstars like Apollo Crews and Dana Brooke have been part of that faction. However, not many fans may know that even Akira Tozawa joined that faction before leaving it quietly. He became the Cruiserweight Champion during that brief time.

4. He made his video game debut in WWE 2K18


Becoming a part of a video game, especially of the WWE 2K series, increases the popularity of a Superstar. Having made his pro wrestling debut back in 2005, Tozawa finally made his video game debut in the WWE 2K18 game along with other members of the 205 Live roster.

5. Cultaholic named him the Most Underrated Wrestler in 2019

Akira Tozawa has impressed fans in whatever role he has received. While he has not won any major championships in WWE, the 36-year-old was adjudged the Most Underrated Wrestler in the year 2019 by Cultaholic. It shows that he has the potential to become a big star in the coming years.


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