5 Real life Fights of wrestling Superstar

WWE is one of the biggest pro wrestling companies in the world. Vince McMahon’s company has taken the business to the next level. Several other companies joined this industry after WWE’s success. However, managing a pro wrestling business is tough. First, you need to recruit the best Superstars across the world.

Next, you need to manage them properly. Usually, it is noted that wrestlers have a hothead. They are short-tempered. It takes them little time to lose their cool. So, here’s a look at the top five real-life fights between wrestling Superstars.

5. Awesome Kong and Rebe Sky

AEW Superstar Matt Hardy was a part of WWE and TNA before. His wife Rebe Sky was also a part of TNA. There, she had a fight with Awesome Kong. Awesome Kong is known to the WWE audience as Kharma. This fight happened when both were in TNA.


The female Superstars had a fight in the change room. Kong believed Rebe should not change when she was in the room. Kong was changing her attire as well. However, she kicked Rebe out of the locker room. Later, she even caught her by her throat and Rebe’s son Maxel watched this scene live.

4. Shawn Michaels and Marty Jannetty

Shawn Michaels is one of the most famous WWE Superstars of all time. He made his WWE return to Crown Jewel. Michaels has also worked with Triple H in NXT. But, long back, he was a part of a tag team named The Rockers. Marty Jannetty was his tag team partner then.

Michaels and Jannetty were partners on the screen. However, something happened when Roddy Piper said a thing to both. That led to a massive fight between the two, and Randy Savage stopped it eventually. Otherwise, they could have been arrested. Michaels left WWE for a while then before coming back again.


3. Kofi Kingston and Vince McMahon

Kofi Kingston has been with WWE for a long time. Vince McMahon is the WWE Chairman. Hence, it is a bit surprising to see this entry on this list. But a real-life showdown happened between the two when Vince joked maybe Kofi would get over one day. Chris Jericho reportedly asked Kofi to stand up for himself.

Kofi listened and went there, where the Chairman took him down. Vince was happy after seeing Kofi stand up for himself. Had this incident not happened, Kofi might have never become WWE Champion. Kingston is one of the most decorated Superstars in WWE right now. He is a tag team specialist now.

2. The Big Show and Great Khali

The Big Show is the World’s Largest Athlete. Recently, he debuted in AEW as Paul Wight. The Great Khali is the biggest WWE Superstar from India. He is a former World Champion. Khali even participated in the Greatest Royal Rumble match.


Khali and Big Show had a rivalry on WWE TV once. The fans were invested in this feud because of the two giants’ size. Khali and Big Show had a real-life fight when the former used the latter’s move at a live event. After a backstage confrontation, Paul and Khali exchanged punches. Reportedly, both fell on a chair and Khali was on top of his rival.

1. Current Superstar Sheamus and Yoshi Tatsu

Yoshi Tatsu was a Superstar from Japan. There are stories about his fight with Sheamus in real life. Sheamus is a currently a top RAW Superstar. He even challenged for the WWE title recently. This fight dates back to when Sheamus was in the developmental system.

Sheamus reportedly shared an apartment with Yoshi Tatsu. The two wrestlers had a fight because the blender was not washed properly. Another story about their fight is that Sheamus did not pay the money back to Tatsu. In both stories, Tatsu was the winner of this fight. Thus, these are the five real-life fights of wrestling Superstar.


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